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Higher Specification Computer Request Form

Prior to considering a higher specification computer purchase, please examine the standard computer range  – these are suitable for most tasks, and there is no additional charge for a primary standard machine when ordered without extra equipment. If, however, you do need to request the purchase of higher specification computer equipment, you will need to complete a Higher Specification Computer Request form. This form also includes stocked Apple iPad options

Before you begin:

  • You will need to submit a works request to Estates and Facilities if the location in which the computer will be used does not have sufficient data and power outlets

You will require the following information:

  • The choice of computer that you require from the full range of higher specification computers
  • For replacement or additional computers, the UOS number of your current primary computer
  • All higher specification computer equipment is chargeable. An Agresso Subproject Code will be required and all purchases will need to be authorised by your Faculty or Department’s Hardware Authoriser. The Hardware authoriser may request a business case prior to approving your request

Once you Submit the form:

  • You will receive at least three emails – one to state that the request has been created, a second that shows to whom it has been assigned, and a final message letting you know that the request has been fulfilled
  • If you require Linux on a PC (instead of the standard University Windows build), please reply to the email that you initially receive, stating your requirement, so that this can be taken into consideration when the machine is prepared for delivery
  • You may also be contacted to discuss the request further, should any clarification be needed

The form can be found here: Higher Specification Computer Request form


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