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Why have I received an email with a subject line "BOUNCE Message too long"

Majordomo has rejected this message because it is bigger than the maximum size allowed for this list.  All lists have a maximum message size set in the configuration for the list.  This is set when the list is created to be 1,000,000 characters (1 chr is 1byte).  The message size is comprised of the text of the message, all attachments and the internal header information of the email message.

The list owner should advise the sender of the message that the message has been rejected because it is too large and  that no list members will have received a copy of the email.  If there are several attachments they could email them to the list separately or find an alternative means of making the documents available such as putting them into a Public folder if all list members use Outlook with Exchange.

The list owner can modify the maximum size of message allowed by changing the number in the field 'maxlength' in the configuration file for your list.  Use Majorcool to modify the configuration file and select 'All Keywords' to see the 'maxlength' field. Be aware that the maximum message size for an email however it is sent is 20mb

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