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How to configure the VMware Horizon Client 5.5.3 for connecting to the VDI

You can connect to the University of Southampton Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from a UoS laptops / desktops or using your own device.
To do that, we suggest you using the VMware Horizon Client 5.5.3 (build-19201434). This is the most compatible with the version of Horizon we have configured at this time. There may be later clients you can use, however we cannot guarantee the best experience with those.


Using a computer own by the University of Southampton (UoS) with Windows

Using your own computer with Windows

Using your own computer with macOS or Linux


Using a computer own by the University of Southampton (UoS) with Windows

UoS laptops and desktops have already been configured. To install it:

  1. Click on the “Additional Software” icon on your desktop or click on the “Software Center” icon into the Start menu
  2. Find it into the “Applications” list
  3. DoUble click on the icon of the “VMware Horizon Client
  4. Click on “Install
  5. The client will appear within the “Installation status” list

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Using your own computer with Windows

To use the update UoS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you need to install the VMware Horizon Client and set the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) configuration to use the SSL Proxy mode.

The SSL is a security protocol that provides privacy, authentication, and integrity to Internet communications.

What you have to do:

1. go to the VMware Horizon Client for Windows

2. select the version 5.5.3

3. click on “Download now

4. when you start the installation click on Customise and on the splash screen

5. in Default connection server type

6. click Agree and install:


7. carry on with the install and reboot
8. once rebooted, run the Horizon Client, click the 3 lines at the top right-hand side and choose Configure SSL:

9. leave Warn before connecting to untrusted servers, check the box to Allow connection via an SSL Proxy, and click OK:

10. back to the home screen 
11. double click on to login

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Using your own computer with macOS or Linux

To connect your macOS or Linux laptop to the University Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you will have to use the Horizon client on the Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE).

This is due to issues with Microsoft RDP and those operating systems.

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