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Install eSigner/Gemalto/PT-X software

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Requirements: payment software must only be used on a University Windows PC (/Laptop) and you will need to connect to VPN to install additional software.

If you need to digitally sign Bacs payment files (e.g. in PT-X) you will require the smart card software to be installed on your PC.

Remove any previous versions of Gemalto/eSigner that have been installed manually. Restart your PC after uninstallation.

If not already, connect the Smart Card reader and smart card to your PC.


From the start menu launch Additional Software:

In Additional Software search (top right) for “esigner”:

Install the eSigner software:

Wait for the installation to complete (note it may show “uninstalling”, which relates to removing the previous install).

Click Applications link top left and search for “pt-x”:

Install the Bottomline PT-X software:

Wait for the installation to complete.

Restart your PC to complete installation.

Open the PT-X Web Site (a shortcut has been added to your start menu). If you have changed your default browser you need to open PT-X in Internet Explorer.

In PT-X hover the mouse over your name and click Test smart card:

Click Sign data:

You will be asked for the PIN for your smart card:

A successful test will show the signed data:


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