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How do I choose whether my contact details are visible externally?
To make your contact details visible externally, or to choose not to, please follow the instructions in the attachment (shown to the right of this ... Read more
Learning Space Projectors - How to switch them on
Projectors and display screens are switched on by using the Crestron touch screen or a button panel on lecterns/benches.Please ensure that, on butt... Read more
Short Dial Codes
Short Dial Codes are provided for reaching commonly used external numbers, e.g. other universities. These codes are provided to save time in diall... Read more
How to find the contacts of a University staff
Any staff, visiting staff or student's contacts are available on Teams and Outlook. Teams This is the best way to contact staff or colleagues bec... Read more
How do I find out about electronic submission of assessments using Blackboard?
Blackboard provides a number of methods that allow for the electronic submission of assessments online. You can find more information on the Blackb... Read more
Managing custom permissions in SharePoint Online
There are a large number of ways to provide custom permissions in SharePoint Online e.g. so that a sub-site of your site visitors have access to re... Read more
All.soton - Can I request a new mailing list be created?
All.soton generates lists automatically based on the data held in the phonebook, HR (Human Resources) organisational data and other sources. It is ... Read more
Embed ServiceNow form on the corporate Web Site using SitePublisher
Login to SitePublisher using your university credentials. Navigate to where your new page will reside. Select File then New Page Enter ... Read more
What mailing lists am I on?
The all.soton mailing list system uses data from HR, Banner and Subscribe to add you automatically to mailing lists relevant to your job role or co... Read more
How do I book a Common Learning Space for a presentation?
Across the University campuses, there are many centrally-bookable teaching spaces, ranging from classrooms catering for small groups to large lectu... Read more
How to recover unsaved documents in Office
Follow these steps to find unsaved documents that you were working on in Microsoft Office for Windows: Launch the Office program in question (e.... Read more
How do I print, copy and scan if i have forgotten my ID card?
If you have forgotton your ID card, you can still use the MFD printers. You can use the MFD screen to log in with your username and password. There... Read more
How do I find out about the rules regarding the use of Public Workstations?
A copy of the public workstation usage policy is available to the right of this article: Read more
Disable "New Mail" desktop alerts for specific account(s)
This guide is intended for users who manage several email accounts on Outlook and would like to disable "New Email" desktop alerts for a specific a... Read more
I am being asked to pay for a course in LinkedIn Learning. Do I have to pay?
Not as long as you are a current member of staff or current student at the University. We suggest that if you are offered a useful looking course b... Read more
How do I delete a site in SharePoint Online?
If you no longer need a site in SharePoint Online and you're one of the owners of that site then you can delete it. Keep in mind that once the site... Read more
How do I create a rule in Office 365 to filter student emails?
How can I create a rule to filter student emails? Student emails can be filtered based on the following email header: x-soton-user: student ... Read more
How do I remove the "Birthdays" calendar from my office 365 calender?
Open your mailbox by going to Click the cog in the top right Click the “Calendar” link at the bottom right... Read more
How do I add a Box of Broadcasts video to Blackboard?
To add a Box of Broadcasts video to Blackboard: Click on the Embed button after the video and click "WAYFless URL". Paste the link into Blackboard... Read more
Deleting applications from Apple Mac computer
To delete applications obtained from the Apple App store You can use Launchpad to delete applications that were downloaded from Apple App Store. T... Read more
Computer and Office Moves
If you are moving desks or moving offices and you need help moving your computer, please put in a portering request on the Planon system to have yo... Read more
How do you use Flow to support University processes
Microsoft Flow is a workflow tool similar to consumer products like If This Then That (IFTTT). Flow is very powerful but can be used to create sig... Read more
I've just upgraded to Windows 10 and Outlook won't send e-mails to a large distribution lists
The few reported instances of this have been caused by one of the two issues described in the knowledge base article I've just been upgraded to Win... Read more
How to unlock (Read-Only) folders showing a padlock icon on a Mac computer
It is possible to (accidentally) lock folders in macOS so that they are read-only and protected from accidental deletion. This can happen to both l... Read more
How do I manage a committee using SharePoint Online
iSolutions has created a template to help with creating/managing a committee using SharePoint Online. Note that this is fairly basic at... Read more
Sharepoint: How to I bulk-upload files in Windows 10?
We are currently investigating issues with the "Multiple document upload" dialog box in SharePoint. Until we have found a solution you can use the ... Read more
Office 365 on SVE/VDI - "Unlicenced Product. Sign in to Set Up Office" Warning
Following the change in the University's external authentication processes, there is an issue with Office on SVE. Office 365 is configured to activ... Read more
Web browser related issues when accessing the Git service
For information about what web browser versions are supported when using the University's Git service at please see https:/... Read more
How do I guard against phishing attempts?
The University frequently experiences phishing attempts. It is important for all University staff and students to be aware and able to recognise a... Read more
How do I use Adobe Connect for videoconferencing?
Adobe Connect is a web based communication and collaboration tool which allows users to setup and run online meetings. These meetings can include w... Read more
How to uninstall or remove apps and programs from Windows
You can uninstall or remove apps and programs from Windows in 4 different ways. They all deliver the same result, so which you use is personal pref... Read more
Is there an email usage policy at the University?
There is an email usage policy at the University. Please see the policy below: Why do we provide access to e-mail facilities?The reason we provide ... Read more
Why don't links to Shared OneDrive files always appear in emails?
This is currently an open issue with us, and only seems to happen in some circumstances. If you receive an e-mail which you believe should contain ... Read more
Install eSigner/Gemalto/PT-X software
Requirements: payment software must only be used on a University Windows PC (/Laptop) and you will need to connect to VPN to install additional sof... Read more
How do I save documents locally to my University machine (such as C:\local)?
The local hard drive (C:\local) is intended for temporary storage of data. The amount of data is limited by the size of the hard drive on the machi... Read more
How do I change the language or time zone in Office 365?
Sign in to Office 365 with your work account e.g On the top navigation bar, click Settings to open the Settings pane, th... Read more
How do I delete an Outlook email address which is stored in the cache?
You may wish to delete an email address from Outlook desktop client you have sent to previously, particularly if that email address no longer exist... Read more
How do I report suspected misuse of University services?
If you become aware of potential misuse or abuse of our services or breaches of regulations, you should report it via the Service Portal. This can... Read more
All.soton - When I try to log in to all.soton I receive an error message.
Once you have confirmed that the credentials you are entering are correct, if you still have problems logging in the then please raise a ticket wit... Read more
Personal device marked as disabled, unable to sign into Teams and other Office Apps
If you are unable to sign into Teams or any other Office 365 application with the following error message: Or you see the following error ... Read more
Why do I sometimes get a message that "Startup programs are making Windows load slowly"?
ware listed, please contact ServiceLine for advice. If you are happy that the software needs to run, and that the performance degradation is accept... Read more
How do I Know where my office 365 data is stored?
Currently the University Office 365 tenant is hosted in the Microsoft European Union. We are waiting for the University Office 365 tenant to be mig... Read more
How do I access Linkedin Learning from within Linkedin?
If you connected your Linkedin Learning profile to your personal Linkedin profile then click the Learning icon at the right hand end of the Linke... Read more
Invalid file names and file types in OneDrive and SharePoint
There are various restrictions and limitations that apply to file names and file types when syncing with OneDrive for Business or SharePoint in Mic... Read more
Why do all new tabs in Microsoft Edge default to the Bing homepage? 
or, more simply, add your preferred search engine as a bookmark.instructions hereMicrosoft are using Edge as a tool to increase the visibility of ... Read more
Office 365 email what is ATP
What is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)? New malware campaigns are being launched every day. ATP in Office 365 helps protect sophisticated ... Read more
How to run Trend using Microsoft Edge
Trend Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) users may face some difficulties running the system using Microsoft Edge. If you are using Edge, ... Read more
Why have I received an email with a subject line "BOUNCE Message too long"
Majordomo has rejected this message because it is bigger than the maximum size allowed for this list. All lists have a maximum message size set in... Read more
Access to Glean
Glean Software - Assistive Technology Student Access Glean is a note taking tool designed to improve learning and productivity. Capture, revi... Read more
How do I find Public Workstation rooms, and when can I use them?
You can find a full list of Public Workstation rooms by clicking on the following link: Read more
Outlook - Not loading old emails
This document shows you how to load emails that are older than one year old.Open Outlook, then click on 'File' > Account settings and then select “... Read more
How to set the 'Files On-Demand Experience' on Mac
At the beginning of January 2022, Microsoft made some changes to OneDrive for Apple users. The way how ‘Files On-Demand experience’ works is one of... Read more
How do I change my contact details on the internal telephone directory?
To change your contact details on the internal telephone directory, follow the below instructions: 1. Go to Subscribe 2. Click on 'Sign in to man... Read more
Room Service - Installing on PC
To install Room Service, a staff member needs to be in the Active Directory group, jfSW_RoomServiceClient_Live_APPV If a staff member is in this g... Read more
Vevox (formerly Meetoo) - logging in
University staff can log in to Vevox at with their university details which will set them up with a Vevox tutor accou... Read more
Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge Printing in Colour
When attempting to print a page in MS Edge in colour, even after selecting the colour printer queue, it still prints in mono. This is a current "f... Read more
How do I clear my browser's cookies and other data?
Please see the following sections to find out how you can clear browsing history, content and cookies - this can be useful if you are having proble... Read more
If I have connected my Linked In profile and my LinkedIn Learning profile can I disconnect them?
Yes. This needs to be done for you by Linkedin Learning Go to Ex... Read more
How do I find out where a free Public Workstation is located?
You can check to see where Public Workstations that are not currently in use are situated using the link below:Public Workstation AvailabilityMove ... Read more
After upgrading to Windows 10 Outlook preferences, options & additional inboxes/calendars have reset
If you have used the Windows 10 Self-Service upgrade method, we have endeavoured to copy as many of these preferences across for you as we possibly... Read more
The Note button in Action Centre gives the error "You'll need a new app to open this onenote-cmd"
University machines use the version of OneNote which comes as part of Office 2016. Unfortunately Microsoft have hard-coded the Note button in the A... Read more
Voting buttons in Outlook Web Version
Within Microsoft Outlook, on a Windows device, voting buttons can be viewed.However, this functionality is not supported within Outlook Web or Outl... Read more
Windows Display Settings (Windows P)
To change the windows desktop set-up between PC screen only, duplicate (mirror), Extended or second screen (projector) only. Please use the followi... Read more
How do I log into and use Bob National, the TV Service?
To log into Bob National, the TV service, please follow the below instructions: Go to and click on "Log in" Start typing "S... Read more
How do I update my University contact details
You can update your contact details by logging into Subscribe. Through Subscribe you can update: your contact and personal details your p... Read more
Office 365 What is Information Rights Management (IRM)?
Information Rights Management (IRM) is a way for users to protect sensitive information contained inside emails It allows users to control rights, ... Read more
Why can't I now see the location of the 'My Documents' folder?
Please contact ServiceLine for advice - depending on your situation this may not be a routine issue. Read more
How do I restore a deleted file or folder from a Windows PC?
To restore a deleted file or folder, please use the below step-by-step instructions: In Windows Explorer, find the folder that contained the file ... Read more
How do I access the Media FHE service?
To access the Media FHE service, use a web browser on a computer connected to the University network and go to the address Read more
SharePoint Online - display and sharing calendars across sites on modern pages
SharePoint modern pages do not have an in-built way of showing a calendar in a traditional calendar view, iSolutions have added a custom web part t... Read more
Reporting Phishing/SPAM Messages.
When you receive an email message that is malicious or not genuine, it is important this is reported. Reporting these messages allows Microsoft to ... Read more
How do I access PGR Tracker?
To access PGR Tracker, use a web browser to go to and log on with your University username and password. PGR Tracker can b... Read more
Are there any folders in my University OneDrive that I shouldn't remove?
Microsoft autogenerates the following folders, i.e. if you remove them they will return as soon as you start using the associated service again. ... Read more
How do I know when to save files to my C: drive?
On staff computers, the C: drive is intended only for temporary storage of data. The amount of data is limited by the size of the hard drive on the... Read more
How do I guard against illegal downloading, and what do I need to know?
Everything you need to know about illegal downloading can be found below: File sharing File sharing programs are not illegal. However, if they are ... Read more
How to share your SharePoint Online site
A key use of SharePoint Online is the sharing (or collaborating) of content within your site. Use the instructions below to add University or exter... Read more
Diverting University Phones to External Destinations
Diverting University Phones to External Destinations To Divert your University Phone to an External Destination you will need key in one of the... Read more
Why have I received an email with a subject line "BOUNCE Non-member submission"
This can happen for two different reasons: Someone who is not on the list has tried sending to the list Someone on the list is entered with the... Read more
Who are the mailing list moderators?
The all.soton mailing lists that require moderation are moderated by staff based within the faculties or professional services. To find out who t... Read more
How do I embed Bob National TV Programmes into Blackboard?
To embed Bob National TV Programmes into Blackboard, please follow the instructions below: Click on the Embed button after the video and click "Em... Read more
I have a problem with EdShare via: EdShare Support TeamFor technical help with EdShare, please contact the Read more
Items in my University OneDrive are persistently in a sync pending status, what can I do?
There are several reasons why your file or folder is stuck in sync pending status. This Microsoft support page explains what actions you can take t... Read more
Which type of SharePoint Online (SPO) site do I need?
There are currently 2 types of SharePoint site, Communication and Team. Communication sites are used to convey information to a wide aud... Read more
Adding video to a Word document eAssignments submission
Before starting please note: You MUST tell your tutor and faculty office to make them aware there is a video embedded and it will cause your final ... Read more
How do I add an attachment to an Issue or Request in Self-Service?
In order to attach a document to an Issue ticket within Self-Service, please do the following: Firstly, create the ticket with full descriptions a... Read more
Computer Aided Assessment - Post Test Report
If you have run a Computer Aided Assessment and wish to feedback information to iSolutions, please use the Computer Aided Assessment - Post Test Re... Read more
Why doesn't my piece of software work now that I'm on Windows 10?
If your software is one of our managed items, and has been installed from the "Additional Software" portal please contact ServiceLine for advice. ... Read more
HelpMe! Support Applicaton
When asked by your agent, please click on the attachment. What happens next? Click the HelpMe! Application button above – your browser will dow... Read more
How do I turn off iCloud Drive when installing macOS Sierra on a University Mac?
On upgrading to macOS Sierra, you will be offered the option to log on to an Apple account. If you do this, Apple offer the option to store your De... Read more
Why have I received an email with a subject line "BOUNCE field too long"?
Majordomo rejects messages whose header field is longer than 1024 characters. All messages with such a long header are not posted to the list but b... Read more
iSurvey Save and Quit feature
By default, iSurvey allows people to save their survey answers and return later to complete the survey. They use the 'Save and Quit' button at the ... Read more
External Sender Banner on Emails
External Sender Banner Email received from senders outside of the University will contain a warning banner at the top of the message. The pur... Read more
I've upgraded to Windows 10 and now Word, Excel or Powerpoint isn't very stable.
If you are having stability issues with any Microsoft Office product, these may be being caused by pending Microsoft Office Updates. To check to se... Read more
Accessing Specialist (CLS) SVE Pools on macOS devices
iSolutions have temporarily made some CLS rooms available to access from off campus, via our Southampton Virtual Environment Service (SVE). This is... Read more
Configuring a Walk-up Location in ServiceNow
Configuring a Walk-up location requires the admin or sn_walkup.walkup_admin roles. Navigate to Walk-up Experience > Administration > Walk-up Locat... Read more
Office 365 - Changing your default locale to correct American Date Format
By default Office365 WebApps default to an American date format (mm/dd/yyyy). This can be corrected by changing your Regional Settings within Offic... Read more
How to create and manage SharePoint and Groupsite sites
Please follow this link for instuctions on creating and managing SharePoint and Groupsite sites: Groupsite Support Guide Read more
Being directed to a login page on Linkedin Learning
If you are directed to a Linkedin Learning page, you will need to login through our 'authentication' service. Please select 'Sign In' Enter you... Read more
Vevox (formerly Meetoo) in CLS rooms
In order to access the Vevox PowerPoint plugin in CLS rooms, users first need to click on the Vevox desktop icon, which will launch PowerPoint with... Read more
What is the Print Centre?
The Print Centre works in partnership with any member of the University, staff and students to design and print a wide variety of materials from ex... Read more
My PC sometimes gets stuck on an "Applying Group Policy (Extensions)" screen
are currently investigating this issue. At present it is believed to happen only very infrequently and with no obvious cause. If this happens to y... Read more
What is QlikView?
QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to interrogate data and has been consolidated from multiple sources into a single applicat... Read more
ServiceNow - Relate Services to Capabilities
To build a Business Capability Model (BCM) for the University requires relationships to be set between the Systems & Services provided and Business... Read more
Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough memory available to perform the operation.
Users get an error opening outlook of Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough memory available to perform the operation. To resolve this ... Read more
Cannot make choices on the Student Choice web application
If you are presented with an error advising you have no choices to make or otherwise, this is not an IT issue. The error you are seeing is related... Read more
No sound from headphones/speakers
Headphones or speakers must be connected on the green output plugs on your PC. Front ... Read more
Turning Point Software
Turning Point software is available on every PC installed in the university’s teaching rooms. You can quickly locate and open it by typing ‘turn’ i... Read more
How do I access PGR Tracker?
To access PGR Tracker, type straight into your browser address bar to access the system. There is no additional set up requi... Read more
How do I know which of my OneDrive files I have shared and with whom?
The visible evidence of whether a file / folder has been shared is best seen in the Web version of OneDrive. (Note: the Desktop / File Explorer ver... Read more
How do I report a fault in a Common Learning Space?
We visit these areas on a daily basis to ensure that, as far as possible, they are in good working order. However, should you find a problem with t... Read more
I need help with MySouthampton
I can't see my timetable or the app is not working correctly Before contacting iSolutions you can look at our help pages found here to see if there... Read more
Enabling Flash to run in the historic Google Chrome 80 supplied by iSolutions
We have created a legacy version of Google Chrome (80.0.3987.149 32bit) for Windows that includes Flash v26 for Chrome. Flash is a retired technolo... Read more
X2GO Freezing When Accessing ECS CAD Servers
X2GO can freeze when accessing ECS CAD Servers (cadteaching and cadresearch) Workaround: 1) Install xming ( Read more
Accessing Microsoft OneDrive on Common Learning Space (Teaching) Workstations
To access your Microsoft OneDrive documents on a Common Learning Space (teaching) Workstation: Run the "OneDriveSetup" application from the S... Read more
Office 365 - "We weren't able to register your device and add your account to Windows" error
Under certain circumstances, the initial setup and activation process of Office 365 may ask you if you want to "use this account everywhere on your... Read more
How do I call Switchboard and what are the opening hours?
The University Switchboard receives calls from outside the University from callers dialling 023 8059 5000. It is open on workdays from 08:30am - 5:... Read more
How do I book a Public Workstation for my teaching?
Some Public Workstation are available for teaching. If you need to book a Public Workstation for teaching purposes, please email Curriculum & Timet... Read more
How do I use a Common Learning Space?
We've put together a short, interactive online presentation that will guide you through some of the key equipment in lecture theatres. There are a... Read more
How to change the Manager or Dispatchers of a Group
This can only be done by the Manager of the Group. For the Manager or Dispatchers (who automatically receives emails on new Incidents) of a Group... Read more
Use of service
iSolutions has taken steps to prevent our users from logging onto the "" service. This service is not provided by, affiliated with or... Read more
Where can you learn more about SharePoint Online
iSolutions has reviewed the two linked in learning courses below and recommend them for anyone who would like a greater understanding of SharePoint... Read more
Using BitTorrent P2P file sharing
BitTorrent P2P The BitTorrent protocol is disallowed on the University network in order to improve security and reduce illegal activity. The Univ... Read more
Hyperlinks to LinkedIn Learning not working
Does the link contain the string All links to will cease on May 31st 2020. Since our migration from to LinkedIn Lea... Read more
How do I install Erdas Imagine?
Erdas Imagine is software used in geospatial data authoring. As a student: Imagine is available on all common learning space PCs. The shortcuts ar... Read more
How to check who is a member of a Majordomo email list (an email list ending
To check the members of a email list please follow the instructions below: Go to Login with your univ... Read more
How do I Show or follow a channel in Office 365 Microsoft Teams?
When you Show a channel, it stays visible in your teams list. If you follow a channel, you receive direct notifications whenever there's new chan... Read more
How does iSolutions use the information provided by users when responding to survey requests?
User Research Statement This User Research Statement explains how iSolutions will use and disclose the information submitted in response to user r... Read more
Where do I go to find SitePublisher support?
You will find the answer to many SitePublisher related queries in our detailed Support Guide. We suggest you search this guide and attempt to find ... Read more
OneDrive - Unable to open files or save files (Windows only)
Please follow the steps below if experiencing the issues below: When trying to open files from Onedrive, the Office app such as Word or PowerPoint... Read more
How do I book a video conferencing room?
Video conferencing rooms are booked through Web Room Booking, which is available via SUSSED on the Quick Links (Services) channel. If you request... Read more
Using unsupported apps or online services
What to consider before using an unsupported app or online service Thinking of using an app or online service in your teaching which is not provid... Read more
What is my Office 365 email quota?
Each users get 50GB of email space in their primary email account. Staff also have an online archive that has an extra 50GB of space see Office 365... Read more
How to reassign a ticket in ServiceNow
The guidance below explains how to reassign an incident or request item (ticket) from one team to another within ServiceNow. If you have any queri... Read more
Checking the Synchronisation Status of your OneDrive Client
Checking the Synchronisation Status of your OneDrive Client Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based file hosting and synchronisation service which all... Read more
All.soton - How do I find why I have been included on a mailing list?
All.soton generates its mailing lists automatically based on the data held in the phonebook, HR organisational data, student Banner data and othe... Read more
How do I know if there has been any problems with the sync between OneDrive and my device?
On a Windows device in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you will see a blue cloud. (Note: you may have to click the up arrow to see the... Read more
Blackboard - How to create an arbitrary course
If you would like to create an arbitrary Blackboard course, you will need to complete an Arbitrary Blackboard Request form. An “arbitrary” course ... Read more
PGR Manager
PGR Manager has replaced PGR Tracker and manual processes in Humanities and the Faculty of Medicine. PGR Manager is used by our postgraduate resear... Read more
How to Enable Modern Authentication for Office 2013 and Office 2016 Applications
The University is moving towards modern authentication technologies in a drive to ensure optimal security practices and processes including MFA. Wh... Read more
How to upgrade a Mac Operating System (macOS)
<!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""... Read more
How do I find out about Bob National, the TV Service?
BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National is an innovative shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for UK higher and further education institut... Read more
Blackboard Arbitrary Course Rollover Request
If you would like to create an arbitrary Blackboard course, you will need to complete a Blackboard Arbitrary Course Rollover Request form. An “arb... Read more
Why am I getting messages bounced to me with the subject 'Admin request of type'?
Majordomo scans the subject and the first 10 lines of the message body for what might be admin commands (e.g. subscribe requests etc) mistakenly se... Read more
What videoconferencing services are available at the University?
The University has a number of bookable Common Learning Spaces that allow users to talk face to face with other users with videoconferencing facili... Read more
How do I see the original URL in an Office 365 email when protected by ATP safelinks?
ATP Safe Links , a feature of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), can help protect a organization from malicious links used in phishing an... Read more
How do I connect a monitor to a computer?
1. Connect the monitor to the computer using the data cable provided with the monitor. There are several types of monitor port (or socket) includin... Read more
Who are the Digital Learning Team?
The Digital Learning Team works with academic staff and professional services to support technology enhanced learning (TEL) at the University. ... Read more
How do I request a new report or a change to an existing report?
To request a new report or a change to an existing report, please complete the form below and attach it in an email message to Read more
Halls Wi-Fi - connecting Printers and other devices
Our Wi-Fi infrastructure requires 802.1x (RADIUS) authentication, where a username and password is required to connect to eduroam (the University’s... Read more
How do I install Autodesk Education Master Suite?
AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software. Amongst the products provided, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk Inventor are inc... Read more
PGR Tracker - How are tasks allocated to supervisors?
Where / When is the supervisor team set up for a particular student ? When : as part of the Assessment Workflow / Academic Needs Analysis / supe... Read more
How do I create an email template within Outlook??
If you are frequently sending an email with the same text it might be helpful to create an email template. You can then just open this to send a me... Read more
I've just been upgraded to Windows 10 and now my PC is running slowly
When you log back in after the upgrade, there will still be many back ground processes happening. Examples are local profile creation, software ins... Read more
What is the Office 365 'Focused Inbox' and how do I turn it off?
What is a Focused Inbox? Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the... Read more
Will I have a phone, internet and television in halls?
Student Halls Rooms now have both Wired Network Points and Eduroam Wifi coverage. There will be at least one network point on the wall in your room... Read more
I'm a pre-sessional student - how and when can I set up my new University account?
If you are a pre-sessional student, you will have to wait until you have received your pre-sessional results before you can Subscribe to your new s... Read more
Raiser's Edge - Set up Address Accelerator
Address Accelerator is a tool for looking up UK addresses in Raiser's Edge but it needs to be configured by each user. Launch Raiser's Edge and go... Read more
How do I manage membership, sharing and permissions in SharePoint Online (SPO)?
Be very careful when sharing your site with others, especially if your site contains confidential or sensitive information. You should chec... Read more
I can't see my timetables in the MySouthampton app Timetable feature is only available for students with individual timetables that are found from: If your timeta... Read more
How do I add documents or files to SharePoint Online (SPO)?
You can add files to your SharePoint Online site by doing one of the following (note that you cannot upload a file larger than 15GB in size... Read more
How do I install CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a number of graphic design applications used in vector illustration, photo-editing and website design. If you are a st... Read more Dropped Email
Previously, the University offered ECS Graduates a email address which could be forwarded on to a private non-university emai... Read more
Connect ro RDP Sessions From Linux
rdesktop seems to be deprecated, or at least lacks some of the security features required to connect to modern RDP sessions. Luckily, its replaceme... Read more
How do I access Linkedin Learning?
To access Linkedin Learning and log in, go to: You can log into Linkedin Learning from a... Read more
Configuring and Using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for macOS
Table of Contents Opening Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Managing Settings Checking for Updates Checking your Protection History Running ... Read more
What is Phishing?
Phishing is a term used to describe a fraudulent attempt to acquire information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by pretending ... Read more
Can I restore content in my University OneDrive?
If you accidently delete a file or folder in your University OneDrive then you may be able to recover it from later from your OneDrive recycle bin.... Read more
Halls WiFI connection problems
If you are having trouble with the WiFI connection in your halls room, we are here to help but there are a number of tests we'll usually ask you to... Read more
All.soton – How do I view the number of people on a mailing list?
To discover how many people would be contacted when you email a mailing list: Search or browse to the mailing list details page – see W... Read more
I've just been upgraded to Windows 10 and now Outlook isn't finding e-mails when I search for them.
The most likely reasons for this are that your Exchange inboxes: haven't finished synchronising yet (see the knowledgebase article "I've just be... Read more
How to change accessibility settings are in ServiceNow
You can change the settings of ServiceNow by clicking on the settings icon () on the top-right corner of the window. System settings are: Ge... Read more
Research Data Guidance
Storing Research Data There are several institutionally approved locations available for storage of research data. Appropriate data location ca... Read more
How do I recover deleted items in Office 365?
Recover deleted items or email in Outlook Web App When you accidentally delete an item from your mailbox, you can often recover it. The first plac... Read more
How do I request media to support my teaching or research?
Creative Media can be requested by researchers, members of academic units, and professional services To make a request, please fill out the follow... Read more
What are the terms of use for MySouthampton?
The terms of use for the MySouthampton mobile app are below: Terms and Conditions of Use IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING... Read more
What do I do if i have received a Phishing email?
If you have received a phishing or scam emails please read the following: STOP! Don't react straight away! Take time to read the email Don'... Read more
macOS: How to open downloaded packages and disk images from an unidentified developer
Learn more about what to do with your MacOS when you want to open a Disk Image or an installer package from a non-App Store source. What to do Ma... Read more
As a member of staff, how do I install Matlab?
Matlab is available to staff on University-provided laptop or PC via Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V). To download it to your computer,... Read more
How do I import/export email rules into Office 365?
How do I import/export rules? Importing a set of rules: 1. Click the File tab. 2. Click Manage Rules & Alerts. 3. Click Op... Read more
How do I find out about Public Workstations?
You have access to approximately 1,700 public workstations within rooms on all campuses and in most halls of residence. You may log in and use thes... Read more
Can I connect my games console (e.g. XBox/Playstation) to the network in halls?
Most Games Consoles are not yet capable of doing "802.1x WPA2 Enterprise" that is required by Eduroam to connect, you can attempt the Eduroam setup... Read more
I've just been upgraded to Windows 10 and there is a large amount of disk activity
will cause a large amount of disk activity for their duration. After the bulk of these have completed Windows runs an additional set of performanc... Read more
Business World (Agresso) Desktop appearing to 'freeze' frequently during use
This could be due to a large list of items in the 'Alert List' section of Business World (Agresso) Desktop: In Business World (Agresso) Desktop go... Read more
Why doesn't the fingerprint reader on my laptop work any more?
Laptop fingerprint readers have never been routinely configured as a part of any of our builds. If you need to use yours again please contact Servi... Read more
What other wireless networks are there?
Other wireless networks are available including the following, although it is recommended that Eduroam is used where possible: National Oceanogr... Read more
RunDLL32 error in Outlook when adding generic email accounts
Error: When attempting to add a generic email account to Outlook via email settings through control panel or via the outlook application user recei... Read more
Restoring Emails That Have Been Auto-Archived
If you have a large number of emails that have been archived that you wish to move back to your University mailbox, please follow the instructions ... Read more
Comsol Student requests
Comsol for Students and Staff Standalone version of Comsol for Students ONLY Check the user is an undergraduate or taught postgraduate before iss... Read more
How do I archive my emails?
Members of staff are given 2GB of space by default and this can be increased in increments to a maximum of 5GB on request to ServiceLine. In additi... Read more
How do I install Endnote?
Staff EndNote can be installed on all staff desktops and laptops via the “Additional Software” icon on the desktop.Staff and Students can take adv... Read more
Common issues using PGR Manager
Common issues with PGR Manager are: You cannot access to your account Your supervisory team is incorrect Your middle name is missing The time... Read more
What are the costs for hiring AV equipment (non-teaching purposes)?
iSolutions maintains an Audio Visual (AV) Store which can provide equipment to all University staff, affiliated departments and external companies.... Read more
All.soton – How do I find a mailing list? Which mailing lists exist?
All.soton contains many automatically generated mailing lists (over 16,000 at the time of writing) organised into a hierarchical structure. To fi... Read more
How do I find out about Blackboard - the Virtual Learning Environment?
Blackboard is a tool used by many lecturers to share course content with you. Items most commonly shared in this way are lecture slides, examples a... Read more
What is all.soton?
The all.soton mailing list service was created to provide a straightforward way for staff and students to communicate with specific groups within t... Read more
Show request form questions on a task list in ServiceNow
Requested items (tasks with number RITM*) have questions that are set per form. On a task list you can't personalise a list to show them, so to fin... Read more
Once I have an alumni account, can I log into a University computer?
Once your University account has expired, normally three months after your graduation, your University account will be disabled. You will then get... Read more
MapDrives GUI tool
The MapDrives GUI is a tool that will assist you in mapping common University network drives onto your personal PC or field build laptop. The tool ... Read more
What is eAssignment?
The University eAssignment system is for electronic submission, marking and feedback of student work. It is currently used to varying amounts by al... Read more
How to update your laptop log in password on university Windows laptops
If you reset your university password and are working on a university computer away from campus you will find that you many have lost access to out... Read more
Can I stop Mircosoft Edge being my default browser?
Microsoft are heavily promoting their new "Edge" browser, to the point where we are unable to stop it from being your initial default browser. You ... Read more
Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE) - Reconfiguring macOS Client for access to updated SVE
Microsoft have recently updated the way that macOS devices connect to their Azure Virtual Desktops (the technology which underpins the University's... Read more
How do I submit my application to my supervisor in Ergo?
After you have completed your IRGA form and attached all relevant documents a big green button labelled ‘Submit this research proposal’ appears at ... Read more
What should i use the Shared Resource Filestore ('J: Drive') for?
You should use the Share Resource Filestore ('J: Drive') for storing all work related files and data that are to be shared with your Faculties, Aca... Read more
Network Point Installation Request
If you would like to request the installation of IT network points across the University estate, you will need to complete a Network Point Installa... Read more
Why won't Microsoft Edge print in Colour?
When attempting to print a page in Edge in colour, even after selecting the colour printer queue, it still prints in mono. This is a current "feat... Read more
Where are all my files saved when I'm using SVE? Can I print when using SVE?
File access using an SVE virtual desktop is the same as from a common learning space computer: in both cases, your files are available via the 'Des... Read more
How to request a new article or a renewal
You can request a new article or a renewal using the Call form within ServiceNow. If you have already written your article and you want to publish... Read more
Safety and Emergency Numbers
Please see the list below for useful/emergency contact numbers: Building Emergencies (electricity, gas, water, ...): 27474 (Monday to Friday, fr... Read more
Adding a new CMDB application (environment) entry record to ServiceNow
CMDB (configuration management database) application entries can be created within ServiceNow by iSolutions staff. An application refers to an env... Read more
How do I find out the cost of printing and copying?
The printing costs for taught students are currently: A4 - 4p per side (black and white) or 18p per side (colour) A4 - 7p double sided (black a... Read more
The Importance of Patching Software and Operating Systems
We all know that software updates are a bit of a pain – they take time away from our work and can often mean we might not be able to use our device... Read more
Receiving and sending limits for email in Office 365
Receiving and sending limits are applied to combat spam and mass-mailing worms or viruses. These limits help to protect the health of our systems a... Read more
I am organising a conference, can I have a website?
We can help you set up a conference site to manage the processes relating to registrations and submissions. To request a new website please complet... Read more
How to create a new Knowledge Base article
The Knowledge Base contains articles with solutions to questions and issues staff and students may come across at the university, e.g. how do I set... Read more
How do I invite external (non-Southampton) collaborators to my SharePoint site?
The instructions below take you through the process of adding people who do not have accounts with the University to your SharePoint Team Site (not... Read more
How to export and import your web browser bookmarks
These guides will explain how to export your bookmarks in a HTML file, and how to import it back into your new browser. The method used here is t... Read more
Loan Equipment Request Form
To request a loan of computer equipment complete the Loan Equipment Request Form. Information needed: A charge code, for use i... Read more
How do I change my password on a University Apple Mac?
These instructions apply to iSolutions issued Apple Macs Follow the standard instructions for how to change your password below You will then need... Read more
Why is my default printer "Adobe PDF / Microsoft Print to PDF"
This can happen if there's either been a problem installing the managed print queues, or if an install/update of Adobe PDF has happened later and h... Read more
Email plus-addresses in Office 365
The University email provider (Microsoft Office 365) now supports the use of "plus addressing". This allows you to use an unlimited number of addre... Read more
Notification/audio issues using ServiceNow Chat
If you're using Connect Chat to support users you may not get audio or desktop alerts when someone joins the queue. This article provides some thin... Read more
How do I connect to the Southampton Virtual Environment?
The Southampton Virtual Environment gives you access to your University Windows desktop from any device in any location, whether that's at home, on... Read more
What is my secondary contact email?
Your secondary contact email is an optional non-University personal email address that you can register using Subscribe ( O... Read more
Can my visitor have a University IT account?
Access to computing facilities is not normally allowed to anyone other than current members of the University (holders of a valid University ID car... Read more
How do I to re-add my non-MFD networked printer?
Please contact ServiceLine to get the fully qualified name of the printer you need to re-add. Once this has been received Click the Start button... Read more
All.soton - I sent a message to a mailing list but it has not been received. Why not?
There are several rules that decide whether an individual may send to a particular mailing list. These include the following: Many mail... Read more
How to schedule an out-of-office status in Teams
It’s a good practice to set up an out-of-office message when you are on vacation or not working. This helps colleagues and people outside the Unive... Read more
What do I do if my University mobile phone or tablet is broken?
If your University mobile phone or tablet is broken please log a call with ServiceLine to arrange a repair. Please ensure you have the following i... Read more
How do I get the MySouthampton mobile app?
The MySouthampton app, is the University of Southampton's official smart device for students and staff giving you access to map services, emails an... Read more
Potential Issues with New Mac operation system macOS Monterey
<!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""... Read more
All.soton - I am not receiving the messages from a mailing list I need for my job/study.
Membership of all.soton mailing lists is built from a variety of data sources. If you are not receiving email for a mailing list to which you t... Read more
How to configure the VMware Horizon Client 5.5.3 for connecting to the VDI
You can connect to the University of Southampton Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from a UoS laptops / desktops or using your own device.To do ... Read more
Office 365 What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?
Data Loss Prevention helps you to keep important information safe by reducing the risk of sending sensitive or critical information internall... Read more
All.soton - How do I get someone removed as a moderator from one or more mailing lists?
Mailing list moderators confirm that messages sent to a mailing list are appropriate before the members of the list receive a message. If you wou... Read more
How do I create a team in Microsoft Teams?
First read our best practice guidance on Teams (below) Go to the Office 365 homepage - Click the icon for Teams (if... Read more
Logging in to another mailbox using Outlook Web Access
To open another user’s mailbox: Log in to Outlook Web Access using your own mailbox email address and password Click on your name in the upper ... Read more
How do I renew my Windows licence?
If you have received a message to say your Windows licence has expired, please complete the following: Connect to the university’s Virtual Priv... Read more
All.soton - How do I get someone added as a moderator to one or more mailing lists?
Mailing list moderators confirm that messages sent to a mailing list are appropriate before the members of the list receive a message. If you wou... Read more
All.soton - How do I get myself removed from a mailing list that is not relevant?
Membership of all.soton mailing lists is built from a variety of data sources. If you are receiving email for a mailing list to which you think... Read more
Which web browsers can I use with Office 365?
If you want to get the best out of Microsoft Office 365 online when using features with a browser we recommend using a modern browser. Please revie... Read more
Setting Default Applications in Windows 10 (e.g. Outlook Mail, Web Browser)
When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they removed the ability for enterprise administrators to mandate which applications users had set as their d... Read more
Why am I receiving emails bounced to me rather than being sent to my Majordomo list?
These returned messages have subjects like Subject: Admin request: /^subject:\s.*\bchange\b.*\baddress\b/i Majord... Read more
Secure Connection Failed - Disco Reporting Error Message
What is the issue? We are beginning to receive a number of tickets that indicate people are unable to access Discoverer across all browsers. A 'Se... Read more
Moving filestore from one account, to another.
If you have a new UoS IT account and need to transfer files, folder and other content from your old account, please follow the instructions outline... Read more
Why do I see "You do not have access to this record" when trying to view some tickets in ServiceNow?
When you attempt to view a record (for example, an Incident or Request) in ServiceNow that you do not have permission to view, you will see the fol... Read more
What are the costs of the available telephony VoIP services?
TELEPHONY - VoIP SERVICES PRICE LISTFor internal recharging The table below gives the price list of the standard telephony VoIP services provided ... Read more
How do I access Office 365 using the Outlook Web App (OWA)?
In a web browser, sign in to Outlook Web App Go to The email address you enter should be in the following fo... Read more
What training courses are supplied by iSolutions?
Our training team provide support and training on a number of the University's IT packages. Further details about what training courses are offered... Read more
Second Hand IT Equipment Request
If you would like to request second hand equipment, and have specific reasons that second hand equipment is a suitable option, you will need to com... Read more
All.soton - How do I view the members of a mailing list?
To see who would be contacted when you email a mailing list: Search or browse to the mailing list details page - see 'How do I find a m... Read more
All.soton – How do I view which mailing lists I am a member of?
To view the mailing lists of which you are a member: Visit the all.soton homepage at and login if required. Fin... Read more
What software is available on iSolutions HPC systems?
List of all available software modules can be viewed using module command on Iridis or Lyceum login node: module av A few software packages are n... Read more
How do I open a shared calendar in Outlook?
To open a shared calendar: In Calendar, on the Home tab, in the Manage Calendars group, click Open Calendar, and then click Open Shared Calendar... Read more
How do I install ArcGis?
ESRI ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic data. If you are a student: ArcGIS is available on al... Read more
Unsupported Software
iSolutions allows the use of some free to use (Open source) software. As the software is not managed by us, our support will be limited. We will... Read more
Cyber Essentials Certification
iSolutions are pleased to confirm that the University has once again been awarded NCSC Cyber Essentials certification. In a slight change of scope... Read more
How to create automatic replies (Out of office) in Office 365
Use automatic replies to let people know you will be not available during a specific period of time. You can set out-of-office replies from the b... Read more
How do I access University IT services from an NHS/UHS computer?
NHS staff at various locations, including University Hospital Southampton (UHS) carry out teaching for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences ... Read more
Bespoke Specification Computer Request Form
Prior to considering a bespoke specification computer purchase, please examine the standard and higher specification computer ranges – these comput... Read more
How to create reports in ServiceNow (video tutorial)
ServiceNow includes a range of predefined reports. You can also create your own simple reports. Reports can be added to homepages and dashboards ... Read more
Changes to display name in University directory
In September 2020, iSolutions is updating the display name for all staff and PGR's to the format 'preferred firstname' followed by 'preferred lastn... Read more
Adding a new CMDB service entry record to ServiceNow
CMDB (configuration management database) service entries can be created within ServiceNow by iSolutions staff. CMDB entries will also need to be c... Read more
How do I find out about other storage locations?
Below you find information regarding other University sotorage locations: The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Review and Action Plan (LTERAP) T... Read more
ServiceNow file size and other limitations
This KB provides technical information on file size and other limits in ServiceNow. File Attachments Area Limit Variable Maximum fil... Read more
Linux Primer - Learning Linux
Why learn Linux? A basic knowledge of Linux is required in order to use HPC facilities. There are many tutorials on the web, just Google around an... Read more
How do I install Stata?
Stata is an integrated statistical package that provides data analysis, data management, and graphics. If you are a student: Stata IC and Stata... Read more
AV Support Request Form
There is a single form to complete if you require services from the iSolutions AV Support team.Many services to support timetabled teaching can be ... Read more
Sharing documents publicly from SharePoint Online and OneDrive
Sometimes it's necessary to share documents with people who you don't know. This means not having an email address to provide shared access to a do... Read more
How much space do I have left in my University Office 365 OneDrive storage?
Each user gets 5TB of space in their university OneDrive for Business In a web browser and go to The email... Read more
Emails sent from ServiceNow to an ingested address are ignored
To protect ServiceNow from email loops any emails sent from it to an email address that is also ingested (read) by ServiceNow are ignored. For exa... Read more
How do I create a site in SharePoint Online?
First read our best practice guidance on SharePoint (below) Go to the SharePoint homepage - Click the Cr... Read more
How do I archive my Office 365 emails?
Your online archive has a extra 50GB of space for you to use on top of your 50GB in your Primary Mailbox. Where can I find my archived ... Read more
University Templates for Microsoft Office
Word, PowerPoint and Email templates The University’s PowerPoint presentation template is available for you to download from the below site, ... Read more
Room Service: Granting access for a new staff member
Residence Administrator Add Account This can only be done by a user admin, which only a small number of staff have. For a new staff member to be ... Read more
How do I reset my University computing account password?
Your University password (in combination with your username) allows you to use University computing facilities. You can always change your pass... Read more
How do I correctly dispose of IT equipment?
The disposal of unwanted or obsolete IT equipment is governed by the WEEE regulations for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. You must not ... Read more
How to set up Adobe Acrobat DC your default PDF viewer using Microsoft Edge
Using Microsoft Windows, it may happen that your PDF files are not opened by Adobe Acrobat DC. That is because Windows 10 uses by default Microsof... Read more
Can I continue to use Microsoft Office 365 apps when I'm no longer part of the University?
If you have installed Office 365 applications on your own devices using your University account, once your University account has been disabled/del... Read more
What QlikView applications already exist?
Current QlikView applications are listed below: To request a new QlikView application you will need to raise a Feature Request as described in How ... Read more
How do I use my Astra 4422 phone
This user guide is to help staff use the Astra 4422 desk phone. It is a complete user guide covering all aspects of the hand set and how to use a... Read more
Windows Defender Quick Start Guide
Windows Defender Quick Start Guide Windows Defender is an antivirus program provided by Microsoft to help protect computers from spyware and ma... Read more
How do I add University Key Dates to my office 365 calendar
How do I import the University Key Dates to my email client program? University Key Dates are available from the Soton Almanac website using a c... Read more
How do I find out about the Lyceum Linux Teaching Cluster Service?
Lyceum is a service providing a powerful Linux High Performance Computing facility to undergraduate and MSc students. It is particularly designed t... Read more
When will I have access to my alumni account?
Your University account will expire three months after your graduation and your alumni account will be created on the same day. The new alumni emai... Read more
Access to Resource or Research Filestore
Resource or Research Filestore access is normally by Staff and PGRs only. If you require access to folders within Filestore, you will need to compl... Read more
Working with documents on your desktop while away from campus
Before we begin, here are a few important points to be aware of. Your data is your responsibility. iSoutions provides the pl... Read more
Qualtrics: The University's preferred survey tool
Qualtrics is a very powerful and feature-rich survey tool, which iSolutions recommends to anyone who needs to create sophisticated surveys as part ... Read more
How do I access iSolutions HPC systems?
Before you can gain access to our High Performance Computing systems you will need to be authorised to use the system. More information on requesti... Read more
How do I change my Default Printer?
The University has mandated that, of the two "anywhere staff" printers, "Mono" should be the default (to reduce unnecessary printing costs). This d... Read more
Higher Specification Computer Request Form
Prior to considering a higher specification computer purchase, please examine the standard computer range – these are suitable for most tasks, and... Read more
Redeploy the Business World (Agresso) Desktop Client
Redeploying/reinstalling the Business World desktop client can help users experiencing slow performance. Exit the Business World client if it is a... Read more
All.soton – How do I view/contact the moderators of a mailing list?
To view the moderators of a list: First, find the mailing list in question by searching or browsing (see ‘Which mailing lists exist? How to find ... Read more
How do I create a new email signature?
How do I create a new email signature? If you use both Outlook Web App and Outlook desktop app, and want a signature, you need to create a s... Read more
Use and configure Quick Messages in ServiceNow
Quick Messages are predefined text that can be inserted into emails sent from ServiceNow, for example for adding standard replies. Permissions to ... Read more
Student Record Self Service - How to Amend your Bank Account Details
Self Service - How to Amend your Bank Account Details Log in to your student record at Read more
Cyber Security Training
Index Why do I need this training? How do I complete the training? What training courses do I need to complete? I'm having issues logging into ... Read more
Change a password on shared or generic accounts
Follow the instructions below to change a password on a shared or generic account using Subscribe. Step-by-step process 1. You can set the passwo... Read more
What will/won't work when using my university desktop from home?
Please select the type of system you have, or will be taking away from campus. Windows Mac Linux Windows ... Read more
What should I use VPN for?
Rather than using VPN, log on to the Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE) to access your University account off-campus. You will have access to yo... Read more
Logging on to a University laptop for the first time when away from campus
If you have received a new University Laptop and have never logged into it before, you will not be able to login in the usual way. Please follow th... Read more
Issues with upgrading from Windows Home Edition to Enterprise Edition
<!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""... Read more
Academic Software Requests - Annual Software Trawl 2022/2023
Background iSolutions delivers: over 1000 applications to over 3000 Windows and Mac teaching workstations, the Southampton Virtual Environme... Read more
Using VMWare Fusion to install Windows 10 on macOS hardware
Please note: This information is supplied on a best-efforts basis only. iSolutions is unable to troubleshoot or support individual issues with the ... Read more
Printer Toner and Consumables Ordering
If a University printer is in need of toner, a waste cartridge or staples, you will need to complete a Printer Toner Order Form As you complete th... Read more
I have changed my University password - what other action do I need to take?
After you have changed your University password, you may need to take some further action: If you have a Windows PC/laptop you are advised to re... Read more
Generic Email Account Access Request Form
If you require access to a Generic Email Account, you will need to complete a Generic Email Account Access form. You will require the following... Read more
How do I install SPSS statistics?
Students SPSS Statistics is available on all Common Learning Space PCs. The shortcuts are in All Programs>Statistics If you are using your own de... Read more
How do I add or change my photo in Outlook?
Follow these steps to change the photo of yourself that appears in Outlook and in the University's OrgChart: Ensure that you have the photo of y... Read more
How do I install NVivo?
QSR NVivo is qualitative data analysis software that helps you to manage, shape and make sense of unstructured information. It provides a workspace... Read more
Disable or enable cookies in your browser
In this article, we explain how to enable and disable cookies in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Table of Contents Cookies overview Wha... Read more
Standard Computer Request Form
If you would like to request standard computer equipment, you will need to complete a Standard Computer Request form Before you begin: You wil... Read more
How to make changes to the membership of a ServiceNow group
Members of a team within ServiceNow are set up as a group. Groups members can resolve incidents and requests, approve change requests, and receive ... Read more
How do I access an Office 365 shared/generic mailbox on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?
To access an Office 365 shared mailbox on iOS (iPhone/iPad): Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Select Add Account. Select Other > Add Ma... Read more
What content will I find on SUSSED?
SUSSED (Southampton University Staff/student Social & Educational Directory) is the University's Web portal. The portal provides a personalised vie... Read more
Managed Synology Service
The Managed Synology Service is to support Departments and Projects to purchase Synology NAS devices and connect them to the University network. iS... Read more
How do I set up and manage a University-wide list of email addresses?
The University has two email list management systems for staff and students, Majordomo and all.soton. Majordomo lists are maintained by going to w... Read more
Application for temporary access to University IT resources (Conference accounts)
This form is intended for conference and event use only, and will give your delegates access to I.T. workstations for the duration of your event: ... Read more
Adding Business World (Agresso) Excelerator & BIF add-ins to Excel - Finance Staff
For Finance staff mainly. In order to add additional functionality to Excel there are two additional software downloads that are required: Unit... Read more
How to use a Remote Desktop app to access
MacOS Using the Remote Desktop App Via Auto Configure Web Feed URL: Download and launch latest Microsoft Remote from the App S... Read more
How do I report building maintenance or access issues?
If you have any issues that relate to buildings maintenance, door access, key or lock requests, please go to the Planon Self-Service website.This c... Read more
New Website Request
If you need a new website hosted by the University, you will need to complete a New Website Request Form You will require the following informatio... Read more
I'm a researcher, is there a research filestore?
The University recognises the importance of proper management of the digital assets produced in the pursuit of knowledge. In support of this, iSolu... Read more
How to find the manager of a group in ServiceNow
Changes to the membership of a ServiceNow group can only be made by the group manager. If changes need to be made to a group for which you are not ... Read more
How do I get Office apps on my mobile device
Please see the below How To Guides for information on accessing Office services via your own device: Office 365 Android app installation guide Of... Read more
Using the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Installer for macOS (from Software Download Site)
Table of Contents Before you start Installing on macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur (10.13-10.15 plus 11.0) Allowing Microsoft D... Read more
How do I use SSH to access HPC systems?
Secure Shell (SSH) is the standard network protocol for connecting to iSolutions HPC services on Linux, indeed for the Iridis and Lyceum clusters t... Read more
Admin Rights And What They Mean
Should you have been directed to this article by iSolutions, then you have requested admin rights to your University PC or laptop, and the scope ... Read more
How do I use voicemail?
The University's telephone system includes the ability for staff to receive voicemail. The following are guides on how to use your University voic... Read more
How do I get an Alumni student account when I leave?
Your alumni email account is created when your student account expires – usually three months after you graduate. All your student email and calend... Read more
Who can request a new website?
New websites can be requested by researchers, members of academic units, and professional services To request a new website, please fill out the f... Read more
How do I request an extension to my computing account?
You are entitled to a computing account as long as you are a member of the University. When you leave the University, you are given a grace period ... Read more
I'm having trouble logging on to SUSSED
You must have a University username and password to be able to log on to SUSSED. If you do not have this, you have to create your account on Subscr... Read more
How do I set up notifications in Teams?
For notifications to work at their best, make sure you know how to add a Favourite or follow a channel in Office 365 Microsoft Teams It is recom... Read more
The Windows 10 Self-Service Version Update Process Explained (UoS managed machines only)
You may recently have been advised by iSolutions that your computer needs updating to a newer, and supported, version of Windows 10. This is a mand... Read more
How to set up a delegate in ServiceNow
If you are going to be absent from work, you can set up a Delegate to manage your approvals, tickets and other items within ServiceNow on your beha... Read more
Introduction to ServiceNow
The guidance in this article is for anyone managing queries within ServiceNow. ServiceNow is the IT Service Management tool used for logging and t... Read more
How to share a calendar in Outlook
You can send a sharing invitation to colleagues and people outside the University using Outlook. By doing this they can view your calendar in their... Read more
Telephony Liaison Officer (TLO) guide
The Telephony Liaison Officer (TLO) is a non-official role, embedded within Faculties and Professional Services departments, acting as a point of c... Read more
Bookmarks backup and restoration using the "Sync" function
Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox all allow you to create an account and use it to synchronise content such as boo... Read more
How to add or change your profile picture on your Microsoft 365 account
You can change your profile picture in Microsoft 365 from: Outlook Teams, using your desktop / laptop Teams, using your Android / iOS device ... Read more
How do I access my filestore using my own computer?
You can access your University filestore using your own computer when away from campus. How to access Personal Filestore (My Documents) from a non... Read more
How to create a private appointment and change the visibility of my calendar on Microsoft Outlook
You can change the visibility settings of your appointments from public to private. University calendars share appointment details by default to a... Read more
Connecting your meeting OWL to the univeristy WiFi
Do I need to connect my OWL to WiFi? Connecting your OWL to WiFi isn't essential because it works with your computer through its USB connection. H... Read more
An introduction to HPC
This article will help you to start using the Research HPC facility - Iridis cluster. First, you need to be authorised to access the system - plea... Read more
Create and manage your University account using Subscribe
To set up your University IT account and manage it, go to Using Subscribe, you can manage: 1. Your password and se... Read more
How do I install Office 365 on my personal computer?
Office 365 Pro Plus (also known simply as Office 365) is available to all University students, staff, and PGRs. To install Office 365 on to your o... Read more
How to find out the MAC address on networked devices
This article describes how to find the MAC address of a networked device for many of the most popular device types. Similar information for other... Read more
Accessing your University-Managed Windows PC Remotely during Covid-19 Outbreak
If you have been directed to this article from the "Setup PC for Remote Access" tool, then you can skip the following section and start reading at ... Read more
User Profile Information
Personal Information Your preferred name, location and contact details are managed through Subscribe (allow 24 hours to update to ServiceNow). If... Read more
Booking rooms or workspaces through Microsoft Outlook using the room finder option
You are able to use Outlook to book predefined resources such as meeting rooms and hotdesk zones. There are two ways complete this action. You c... Read more
How to use Jamfp Self Service app on macOS
Self Service is a Jamfp application useful for installing, reinstalling or updating software. If you are using a macOS computer managed by iSolutio... Read more
IT Peripheral Order Form
If you would like to request peripheral equipment, you will need to complete a Peripheral Equipment Order Form You will require the following info... Read more
How to use Parking Permits
Parking Permits is a web application that allows you to apply for campus parking permits. Permits requiring Head of School/department authorisatio... Read more
Telephony Liaison Officers - FAQs
This article gives guidance on most of the frequent asked questions (FAQs) about the Telephony Liaison Officers. Table of Contents How to del... Read more
Deployments collection point
Deployments collection point Location: Building: 35a, Room 2061, Highfield Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BJ. Collection Instructions: To h... Read more
How to use Microsoft Teams Softphone
Table of contents Calling using the Dial Pad Selecting from a menu of options whilst on a call View or add contacts Teams Status: Do Not Dist... Read more
Auto email forwarding
Automatic email-forwarding from your university account to external email accounts (for example a Google account) poses a significant security risk... Read more
How do I request or renew a generic, club or society account?
To request or renew a generic, club or society account, use the Identity Management System when you are connected to the University network (use VP... Read more
How do I connect my smart device to the University wireless network whilst in Halls?
If you own a device such as an Alexa speaker, Amazon Echo, Google Home, gaming device or a smart television, you can connect it to the University's... Read more
Problem Management in ServiceNow
What is ServiceNow Problem Management? Problem Management helps to identify the cause of an error in the IT infrastructure, reported as occurrence... Read more
How to use the 'search' function in the new Library system
Library Search is the new Library system available from 20 July 2022. It introduces new features, a new single search and a modern interface. Throu... Read more
How do I find out who my Telephone Liaison Officer (TLO) is?
A list of Telephone Liaison Officers (TLOs) from across the University is below - you should contact your TLO if you need any advice relating to te... Read more
Virtual Machines
Please find here below the list of prices and the Virtual Machine (VMware) options. Table of Contents Virtual Machines pricing Requests for ... Read more
How do I change my password?
To change your password please follow the below instructions: Go to Subscribe Click on the "Sign in to manage your existing account” option Lo... Read more
Reducing a document photo image size to 1MB for uploading
When you need to upload a photo into the student record system you need to ensure the picture / file size is below 1MB (megabyte). Please follow... Read more
How to download software
You can download software for academic purposes from the Software Center of iSolutions. Please contact ServiceLine if: you are looking for an a... Read more
Help on setting up Softphone on Microsoft Office Teams
Index What is Softphone? I do not use a PC and Microsoft Teams in my day to day work, will I still need to use Softphone? What about phones in t... Read more
Where is iSolutions Stores location and what are the opening times?
iSolutions Stores Location: iSolutions StoresBuilding: 35, Highfield Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BJ. 023 8059 3345 Extension: 23345 Openin... Read more
How do I find out about the University's Hardware Provisioning Policy?
Please download the attached policy (PDF) to the right of this article. This policy is designed to: Provide a clear understanding, for our comm... Read more
WebSIS Banner FAQ
Banner is a web-based, administrative software application used by higher education institutions. Students and employees use it as their main datab... Read more
Microsoft 365 License Comparisons (A5 & A1)
The University upgraded its Microsoft licencing for staff and students in May 2020, investing in the most comprehensive plan available known as the... Read more
How to add or remove your university email account using Outlook
Follow the step-by-step instructions below to add or remove your university account or a second account using Microsoft Outlook from your own devic... Read more
Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE) - Configuring macOS Client for access to WVD
If you have previously accessed WVD on a macOS device, and are experiencing issues, please see this KB article for assistance Installing the Mic... Read more
How to access the Shared Resource Filestore (J Drive)
If you are trying to access the J Drive (resource drive) on a new device for the first time, you will need to add it first. You can request the gra... Read more
How to print using the university printers from a university device
You can print your documents from a University of Southampton (UoS) issued computer to the university print service. We offer two types of printers... Read more
How to download and install Adobe Acrobat DC
This article gives instructions to download and install Adobe Acrobat DC on: personal devices own by staff and Postgraduate Research Students (P... Read more
How to set up and manage Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
This article will guide you on configuring your Multi-Factor Authentication, setting it up on your devices, managing it and setting up a second met... Read more
Connecting your laptop to eduroam from Windows or macOS
You can connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to eduroam using your University email and your password. eduroam works across all our campuses and ... Read more
How to add or remove shared email accounts in Outlook
Follow the instructions below to add or remove shared email accounts using Microsoft Outlook. Contents How to add a shared mailbox Using Windo... Read more
How to connect your mobile device to eduroam
You can connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to eduroam using your University email and your password. eduroam works across all our campuses and... Read more
Cyber Essentials Compliance
This article will guide you on the requirements for Cyber Essentials, what to do to ensure your university provided computing devices are compliant... Read more
How to print using the university printers from your own device (BYOD - bring your own device)
To print using the University print service, you have two options: Print your documents using your web browser through the web portal Read more
Computer purchasing (staff)
Use this page to purchase a computer, check the specifications of standard or high spec computers, and know more about the prizes. Table of Cont... Read more
How do I set up VPN on my device?
The University provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for you to connect and login to the University network from off-campus locations or... Read more

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