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Qualtrics: The University's preferred survey tool

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Qualtrics is a very powerful and feature-rich survey tool, which iSolutions recommends to anyone who needs to create sophisticated surveys as part of their activities. It is now the University's preferred survey software, replacing our legacy iSurvey software.

If you are looking for a straightforward tool for creating simple surveys, we also offer Microsoft Forms.

How to log in to Qualtrics

Anyone with a University of Southampton computing account can log in and create surveys. Log in to Qualtrics via the URL From here, you will be asked to authenticate using the University's standard Single-Sign-On service. 

If you are unable to log in with your computing account, please raise a ticket with ServiceLine and we will investigate.

How to get support

If you require support for using Qualtrics, our licence includes comprehensive support from the supplier. For any queries related to using Qualtrics, we encourage you to try their support portal first. 

You can access these resources at Qualtrics XM Basecamp. The training requires you to log in separately from the main service. To gain access to the training site, please follow these instructions. Please note that you will need to have logged in to Qualtrics itself at least once before you will be able to use Basecamp:

1. Click on the "LOG IN" link at the top right of the web page at Qualtrics XM Basecamp

XM Basecamp landing page


2. At the login prompt, click on the "Sign in with SSO" link at the bottom. Please do not enter any credentials.

Training login box


3. Type "southampton" into the 'enter your company's Organisation ID" field, then press "Continue".

Enter organisation ID box


You will then be able to access all the Qualtrics XM training materials.

If you are unable to solve your problem in this manner, you can always contact ServiceLine.

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