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No sound from headphones/speakers

Headphones or speakers must be connected on the green output plugs on your PC.


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Depending on the hardware your PC has it is possible that you might not get any sound output when you connect your headphones or speakers.

This is usually because the PC is connecting to the monitor through an HDMI cable which can transmit video and audio output to your monitor. Because of this the PC selects the HDMI output as the default playback device.


To change the default playback, right click on the speaker icon on the task bar (bottom left ) and select “Playback devices”


 On the next window you might see different entries but commonly you will have the following “PL2283H” and an entry for “Speakers” Realtek High Definition Audio

Select the “Speakers” option and click on Set Default.


Once you change the default you will see the green tick applied to the “Speakers” entry.



Unplug and plug back in your headphones, Windows should automatically detect that you have connected headphones and you should now be able to hear sound through these.


If you can’t see any devices listed under the Playback tab or still can’t get audio from , please contact ServiceLine on ext.25656 (from external 0238059565), via the Service Portal



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