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How do I install SPSS statistics?


SPSS Statistics is available on all Common Learning Space PCs. The shortcuts are in All Programs>Statistics

If you are using your own device, SPSS Statistics can be installed by visiting the Software Download site.


SPSS can be installed on all University staff desktops and laptops via the “Additional Software” icon on the desktop.
Staff can download SPSS for use at home from the Software Download site.


The Presidion Academic Portal is now live. This portal is a handy tool for both students and lecturers beginning to work with SPSS. To access the portal

An email message will be sent to the email address entered earlier allowing you to verify your account. Click on the link provided to verify the email address and you will be sent your registration details. You are automatically granted student access.

For students, the registration process ends there. If you are a lecturer, then you need to provide us with some proof that you are indeed a lecturer. This can be anything from a link to the college website with your information to an email message from your head of academic unit confirming that you are a lecturer. Once we receive this information we can change your user status to lecturer, but in the meantime a lecturer can log in with student access.

For information from the developer, visit the SPSS website at

Training is also available via LinkedIn Learning:

  • Go to and click the 'get started' button.
  • Log in with your University username and password.
  • You can then search for 'SPSS' in the software list.

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