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How to download software

You can download software for academic purposes from the Software Center of iSolutions.

Please contact ServiceLine if:

  • you are looking for an application thatis not available
  • you face any issues installing, downloading or running any programs on this website


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Using a computer managed by iSolutions

Using your own device

Full list of software available

Useful links


Using a computer managed by iSolutions

If you are using laptops and desktops managed by iSolutions, you can find the Software Center in 2 ways:

  • clicking on the icon called "Additional Software" on your desktop
  • clicking on the "Software Center" icon available in the start menu:

Additional software icon Group of application from Windows start menu. Additional software is in the middle

From the home page, on the left, you can see a menu with:

  • applications
  • installation status
  • updates


Applications show the whole list of software downloadable.

You can find the software you are looking for using the option “Filter” and “Sort of”:

  • Filter” allows you to filter the application per topics. 
  • Sort of” filter allows you to search software per application name, date, publisher name or status.

Your installation status

Using it, you can check:

  • how much software is installed on your computer
  • who is the publisher (for example: Microsoft, Adobe, Corel)
  • the application’s status (for example: installed)


"Updates" shows if there are updates available to download

Downloading an application

To download software:

  1. click on the software icon
  2. read the description of the software and the key installation information
  3. click on the “Install” button

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Using your own device

  1. go to the software download site
  2. sign in with your university username and password
  3. read the full conditions of use within the section About

Searching for Applications

Software list is in alphabetical order. You can search for an application using the search field at the top of the page:

Filter field on the top of the page

Type in the name of the software in the Search field and select the button to locate the application.

The Home and About options

"How" and "About" buttons on the top of the page

Using the Home key you can come back to the main web page. The list of software will be available to you.

The About key provides the Terms and Conditions when using this website.

How to change the layout

To change the view from a Grid to a table listing select the Table listing icon as shown below:

"Table view" button

You should then see the applications listed in a table format.
Selecting an Operating System

On the right side of the home page, you will see the OS and Type menus:

Operating System filter used to find the right version of the software

This option allows you to select an operating system. Select an operating system and the page will show only applications which have an installer for that system.

The Type option is for Linux and Windows installations where specific 64-bit and/or 32-bit options can be displayed.

Downloading an application

Select the item you want to install.

On the left, you will find:

  • the description of the software
  • key installation information

Application window containing software information and downloadable versions

Read the installation instructions with attention: you will find software keys and details on how to install the software.

Installation window

By selecting the file at the bottom of the screen, the download will start. 

Logging off

The about Key displays the terms and conditions for using the software download page.

By selecting the white triangle next to your username, you will see the option to Logout as shown below:

Logout button

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Full list of software available

A full list of software available on the software download site can be found from the SharePoint page Software:

Please note due to licensing restrictions some applications may not be available to all users.

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Useful links

SharePoint - Software


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