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What is QlikView?

QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to interrogate data and has been consolidated from multiple sources into a single application. It enables you to easily select the criteria you are most interested in.

A number of applications have already been developed within the University and these can be accessed from the QlikView portal: . All members of staff can have access to QlikView but some applications may have restricted access due to the nature of the data they contain.

There are a number of QlikView 'applications' which you can access to see the types of information that can already be provided.

What is a QlikView application?

A QlikView application is an application that’s been developed to meet a specific need for information. Depending on the nature of the application it may be open to all staff or to a limited set of people.
QlikView applications present data graphically in the web browser and allow users to navigate that data easily using the mouse.

Unlike a report, a QlikView application is not designed to provide one set of data in response to a specific question, rather it provides related data and allows the user to navigate that data as required.
QlikView applications also differ from reports in that they often combine data from different databases or external data sets.

Can anyone use QlikView?

QlikView is available for all University members of staff.


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