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Telephony Liaison Officer (TLO) guide

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The Telephony Liaison Officer (TLO) is a non-official role, embedded within Faculties and Professional Services departments, acting as a point of contact for iSolutions regarding telephony matters. A TLO is expected to be aware of the needs and provision of telephone services within their respective area and provide authorisation and advice for requests originating from their department/school/faculty.

Phone Numbers

iSolutions will:

  • Provide a central database of phone number allocations for individuals and their functions.
  • Assign, edit, remove allocations as required in response to requests received from faculties.

The expectation is that a member of staff will be assigned and keep the same phone number for the duration of their employment, regardless of any change of job/role during that time. However, there may be circumstances where both the individual and TLO agree it is more appropriate to reassign the number as part of an internal move.

TLOs will:

  • Keep abreast of staff changes within their area and raise requests as appropriate (or approve requests raised by others) to ensure iSolutions are kept up to date with new starters requiring a new number allocation. 


  • TLOs should not attempt to locate/assign a vacant number, please leave this to iSolutions. Notify iSolutions when a member of staff either leaves the University or has agreed to release their phone number as part of an internal move.
  • This will ensure that departments are not charged unnecessarily for numbers no longer being used.
  • When a member of staff leaves your team and they are in one of your team call queues, they will continue to receive calls to that queue unless they are removed. If you need help with removing staff from the call queue please request this via ServiceLine.


iSolutions will:

  • Produce quarterly bills for each department, containing a list of phone numbers and corresponding names, along with the rental charge for the period. At the time of writing, the rental charge is £15 per quarter for any extension assigned to a named person.

TLOs will:

  • Receive and review the quarterly bill, and should be aware of the staff extensions allocated within their remit.
  • Notify iSolutions if any information in the bill is believed to be incorrect, ie: contains names/numbers of people that are no longer working for that department.
  • Liaise with their respective faculty finance representative to ensure the smooth processing of internal recharging.


iSolutions will:

Provide forms on the ServiceNow portal for requesting standard items including:

  • Phone numbers and telephony associated services/functions
    • Peripheral equipment, such as headsets
    • Microsoft licencing, for visitors, temporary staff and students requiring telephony services
    • Maintain an up-to-date list of all TLO contacts. This relies on faculties/departments keeping subscribe updated with changes?

TLOs will:

  • Notify iSolutions of any changes with TLO role assignment within their respective area

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