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Moving filestore from one account, to another.

If you have a new UoS IT account and need to transfer files, folder and other content from your old account, please follow the instructions outlined below.

If you use a laptop, you need to make sure your files are Synchronised with the University Filestore, see the section below.

If you do not use a laptop, skip to the section titled "Moving My Files"

If you have changed roles (including from student to staff and vice versa) you must ensure any data which is no longer relevant to your role has been deleted prior to transferring your content. This is to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Making sure my files are Synchronised (Laptop Users)

  1. Select Start and search for the Sync Centre App, and open this.

  2. Check the status of the Sync, if this shows as "You have no partnerships" skip to the section "Moving my files"

  3. Select the Sync or Sync All button, after which the status should update to Sync Requested, shortly following by Sync in Progress.

  4.  Once complete, hopefully the status will show as "Sync Completed" and not show any errors or conflicts below. If so you can move on to the section "Moving my files"

  5. If you see something else, such as Sync Failed, Conflicts or Errors, you will need to review these to decide how you wish to handle these.

  6. To review them, either click on the link below the failed message, or manually check each area by selecting View Sync Conflicts, or View Sync Results from the left hand side.

  7. Look at the list of conflicts, and check the Details section, this should detail why the conflict is happening.

    If you then right click each of the failures and select "View Options To Resolve" it will give you options as to which version of the file to keep. Generally this is either the main Network held copy, the the local version on your laptop.

    Once you have resolved each conflict, run the Sync again until you see a Sync Completed confirmation.

  8. Once you see this you can move onto the section "Moving my files"

    If you have any further queries surrounding the above instructions, please contact ServiceLine

Moving my files

  1. Log out of your previous account and make sure you are logged into the computer using your NEW username.

  2.  Open a File Explorer and select the This PC option, or My Computer.

  3. Select the Map Network Drive option at the top of the Window.

  4. In the dialogue box that appears, select a drive letter. Any letter will do.

  5. In the "Folder" field, enter the below path, changing the "oldusername" for your previous University username.


  6. Select the option as above to "Connect using different credentials" and click Finish.

  7. At the prompt, enter your old username and password.

  8. This will then open a window containing your old University Filestore.

  9. Open a new window to your new university filestore, by opening an explorer window.

  10. Go through your files from the Mapped drive you just created, and then copy and paste anything you require to your new filestore.


    If you are using a Mac to access your previous files you will need to do the following:

    • Click on the desktop background to produce the “Finder” toolbar along the top,
    • Click on “Go to”,
    • Enter server address as below:
    • smb://
    • When prompted, enter your old University username and password.

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