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Logging on to a University laptop for the first time when away from campus

If you have received a new University Laptop and have never logged into it before, you will not be able to login in the usual way. Please follow this guide to complete the first login successfully, a normal login process can be used after this.

To log on to a University laptop for the first time when away from campus, you need to have internet access. You can either connect your PC with a cable to your home router or connect to WiFi as shown below.

At the login screen click on the WiFi or Network Icon on the lower right hand corner


Select and connect to your WiFi



Once you have connected to WiFi, click on the "Sign-in Options"


Then click on the GlobalProtect Icon


You should see new options appear above, click on the "Start GlobalProtect Connection" option. 

Please note, if the new options as shown below do not appear, click on the shield button once more, wait for 5 seconds and enter your username and credentials and log in. Some laptops will not display the options but clicking the shield button will connect you to the VPN without any visual cues. We are currently investigating this.



Once a connection has been established you will see the text change to "GlobalProtect Status: Connected" 


You have now successfully connected to the University VPN network and can enter your username and password as normal to log on.


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