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Business World (Agresso) Desktop appearing to 'freeze' frequently during use

This could be due to a large list of items in the 'Alert List' section of Business World (Agresso) Desktop:

In Business World (Agresso) Desktop go to View > Alert List:

In the bottom half of the Business World (Agresso) Desktop a box should appear called Alert list. If there are a large number of alerts (100s or 1000s) in this list it could be causing the issue:

Please try the following:

Log into Business World (Agresso) Web. Click the down arrow next to your username and select Your profile:

Click the Personal alert setup tab:

Ensure the dropdown is set to E-mail and select Save in the bottom left:

Then, click the alert icon in the menu ribbon in the top of Business World (Agresso) Web to open active alerts:

Once the list loads, select 'Clear list'. If the list is long, the browser may crash. If this occurs, re-log into Business World (Agresso) Web and try the process again. It may take 2 or 3 attempts if the list is very long.

If this problem continues raise a ticket with Service Line for further investigation.

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