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SharePoint Online - display and sharing calendars across sites on modern pages

SharePoint modern pages do not have an in-built way of showing a calendar in a traditional calendar view, iSolutions have added a custom web part to solve this.

Additionally, if you own several SharePoint sites e.g. a faculty and associated school sites you may have the need to show the same calendar information in more than one location. 

First install the modern calendar web part:

  1. From the homepage of your site click new and then app
  2. Click 'From your organisation' on the left
  3. Click spFX Modern Calendar
  4. If you receive any errors please contact

Next use the web part on a page (any modern page can be used):

  1. Go to your page
  2. Click Edit
  3. Use the + to add a web part
  4. Select Modern Calendar
  5. Click the pencil to configure the part
  6. Select or enter the site containing the calendar
  7. Select the Calendar in the List Title box
  8. Select the fields for the other items (usually this is Start Time for Start Date, End Time for End Date, Title for Event Title and Description for Event Details)
  9. Save/Publish your page


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