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How does iSolutions use the information provided by users when responding to survey requests?

User Research Statement

This User Research Statement explains how iSolutions will use and disclose the information submitted in response to user research undertaken by iSolutions.

This User Research Statement applies only to information collected by iSolutions from those who participate in user research, such as via online surveys or questionnaires.

How do we use the responses?

The aims of iSolutions’ user research are:

1. To find out how well we are performing compared with our intended service standards and also against our past performance. For this purpose, all data collected is aggregated and treated anonymously.

2. To support the ongoing development and encouragement of our staff by sharing anonymised responses and textual comments with directly relevant line managers. The line managers may in turn share the responses with the staff who processed the incidents and requests to which the responses relate.

3. To identify specific instances where there are opportunities for iSolutions to improve overall service delivery. When such opportunities become apparent, we investigate typically by examination of the incident or request to which the survey response relates. Where appropriate, we endeavour to remediate and address the cause of the specific issue in order to perform better in the future. In this case, in order to be an effective approach, the relevant survey responses are not treated anonymously; however, the information is only shared within the group who have the responsibility for the investigation and with the relevant line manager or Service Owner who is able to implement any identified improvement opportunity.

When do we contact users who participate in user research?

Users who respond to the survey will be contacted about the response provided only if a clear request to do so has been indicated by the user in the survey response.

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