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Microsoft Teams Softphone – Support and FAQs

This article guides you setting up Microsoft Softphone and gives you information on using it from your device.

Before the move to Softphone

I do not use a PC and Microsoft Teams in my day-to-day work, will I still need to use Softphone?

iSolutions will provide Teams compatible phones to University departments or areas which:

  • Do not use PCs and Microsoft Teams on a regular basis
  • Are not office based

We will let you know when this has been done. You will not need any training to use these phones.

I do not have a phone number, what do I do?

As part of the move to Softphone, if you do not have an extension number, you will be assigned one. If you need help or further information, please contact your Telephony Liaison Officer.

What equipment do I need to use Softphone?

You need to be logged onto your University IT account and have access to Microsoft Teams.

If you require a headset to use with your PC or laptop, you can request this from your Line Manager. The cost will be covered by the Softphone rollout.

If you need an amplified headset, please:

  1. Discuss this with your Line Manager
  2. Obtain approval before ordering via the procurement process.

Can I keep my phone number?

If you are moving over to Softphone and already have a telephone number, you will keep this number.

If you are moving over to Softphone and do not have a telephone number, you will be issued one.

I have a call divert set up on my extension, will this be carried over to Softphone?

No, any call diverts set up on an extension will be removed when migrated to Teams Softphone. You can easily set up a call divert in the calls section in Teams: to do that, follow the ‘How to use Microsoft Teams Softphone’ knowledge base article.


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After the move to Softphone

What happens to my desk phone?

Softphone will replace your desk phone therefore you just need to unplug your phone from the floor or wall port and:

  • Place it in one of the phone collection boxes, or,
  • Place it in the designated storage location

We will let you know where the phone collection boxes or storage locations are.

If your phone has more than one cable plugged into it, please do not unplug it as it’s most likely connected to another device – for example, a printer or a PC. We will disconnect your phone on your behalf to ensure there is no disruption to the other device. Please let your Line Manager know if this is the case.

If you would rather not disconnect the desk phone yourself, please let your Line Manager know and we will arrange to have it removed.

Why are calls not coming through to me?

It could be that your telephone number and location are not up to date.

For calls to be routed correctly, please check your telephone number and location in Subscribe are correct. If you are still having issues with Softphone, please contact ServiceLine.

Can I pair my hearing aid or other Bluetooth headphones with Softphone?

If you use a hearing aid, you can pair this with your PC, enabling you to make and take calls through Teams. Both your hearing aid and PC will need to have a Bluetooth connection to do this.

Likewise, if you have your own Bluetooth headphones or headset which you prefer to use, you can pair them with your PC.

You can pair your hearing aid or headphones under ‘Settings’ on your PC. 

My Softphone has been activated, but my call forwarding or hunt group is not working. What should I do?

If you have a call forward or a call queue set up on your desk phone, it will be cancelled, and you will need to recreate this in Teams. In Teams, 'hunt groups' are referred to as 'call queues'.

The Microsoft 365 Support Centre gives guidance on how to do this.

A new starter will be joining my team, how do I set them up with Softphone?

Once your team has moved over to Softphone, you will need to ensure your new starter has a telephone extension. If a new number is needed, please make a telephony request in the Service Portal. The ‘Request Type’ is ‘Telephone Extensions’ and complete the details.


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Connecting with people on Softphone (FAQs)

How to share my telephone number with other people

For Softphone to work, each person needs their own number in Teams. 

If you share a phone number, then you may be allocated a different number. You will be told this number once you have been migrated. If you have a specific reason why you need to keep your number, please tell your manager who will liaise with the project team.

Will I get Teams calls outside of my usual working hours?

Within Teams, you can set your working hours so you are not disturbed outside these hours. Find full guidance in the knowledge base article “Setting up Quiet Times on Teams”.

Will I be able to make international calls?

With the rollout of the softphone, all staff will have the ability to make international calls.

When making a call, can the person I am calling view my phone number?

No, the person you are calling cannot view your phone number. The number presented to the caller is known as the Call Line Identity (CLI), the University’s main switchboard number.

Can other people get hold of my phone number and call me directly?

Your phone number will not be published unless you set your contact details as public in Subscribe. When calling people, they will not be able to view your phone number, only the University’s main switchboard number. 

If I set ‘Quiet Hours’ in the Teams Mobile app, will it also stop external call notifications?

Yes, it will stop all call notifications in the Teams Mobile app.


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