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Use and configure Quick Messages in ServiceNow

Quick Messages are predefined text that can be inserted into emails sent from ServiceNow, for example for adding standard replies.

Permissions to create and modify Quick Messages are restricted to the Group Manager, but anyone can use Quick Messages that have been made accessible to them.


Using Quick Messages

1. Log in to ServiceNow

2. Open the ticket you want to send the email from

3. Select Compose Email

Compose email button

4. Place your cursor into the body of the message at the point where the Quick Message should appear

Head of the standard email body copy

5. Select the drop down button alongside Quick Messages

6. Select the message to insert

Quick messages options menu

The text will be inserted into the body of the email:

Example of an email body copy


Create or edit Quick Messages

To create or edit Quick Messages you must be a group manager.

1. Log in to ServiceNow

2. In the Filter navigator enter service desk

3. Within Users and Groups, select Manage My Groups. A list of the groups you manage will display:

list of servicenow groups

4. Select the group you want to edit/add a Quick Message for

5. Within the Quick Messages section, either open an existing message or select New to create a new message

6. Edit/complete the following fields:

Title  This is shown in the Quick Messages menu
Active  Uncheck this to hide the Quick Message without deleting
Autoreply This is a custom function that, when checked, will send this Quick Message to any new incidents assigned to the group. Incidents assigned to the group from elsewhere will not have the autoreply sent
User Restrict the Quick Message to only this user
Group Restrict the Quick Message to only this group (required)
Table Only show the Quick Message on tickets of the given type
Conditions Provide specific conditions under which to show the Quick Message
Body The content to insert into the message when selected by a user


Ensure you apply a filter to the Quick Message (such as restricting the Quick Message to a particular ServiceNow group), otherwise it will appear for all users on all ticket types.

7. Select Update or Submit to save your changes

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