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Enabling Flash to run in the historic Google Chrome 80 supplied by iSolutions

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We have created a legacy version of Google Chrome (80.0.3987.149 32bit) for Windows that includes Flash v26 for Chrome. Flash is a retired technology for embedding animations and other media in websites, but some older websites still use it. Because Flash is a retired technology, it does not work with newer versions of Google Chrome. However, you can use this special version of Google Chrome to access Flash content. This is an APPV5 virtual app so will not update to a newer version, and no other customisations will be saved when the app is closed.

To use this special version of Google Chrome with Flash, first install the "Google Chrome inc Flash" app from the Software Centre, accessed from the Additional Software icon on the desktop.

Then, close any other instances of Chrome. Next, run Flash for Chrome from the desktop or start menu, and follow the instructions below to access the Flash content.

1: In Chrome, enter this URL:


Or you can go to the 3 dots to the top right, and select Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Flash.

2: Once in the flash dialog, slide the control for Flash to the right to the "Ask first" setting.

3: Go to the URL with the Flash content you want to run and then Click to enable Adobe Flash Player:

4: Click Allow to Run Flash:

5: Click Run this time:

You will then be able to see the Flash content:

When you have finished viewing the Flash content, close the Chrome window.

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