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Issues with upgrading from Windows Home Edition to Enterprise Edition

For Information :

The following applications are not compatible with the Home edition of Microsoft Windows, which you may need to have installed on your personal computer 

  • SAS.
    • Download link :
  • Solidworks.
    • Download link :
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

The following options are available should this be the situation :

If none of these options are suitable for the University work you need to do, you can upgrade the installed Home edition of Windows to the University Enterprise version. 

However you will need to be aware of the following issues before taking this action

  • When you leave the university your Windows 10 licence will expire approximately 180 days after you leave. Your Windows 10 installation will then have limited functionality.  Your options then are
    • Purchase a valid Windows licence for the version of Windows you now have installed.
    • Rebuild your computer completely. This will involve formatting the hard drive and the loss therefore of any installed applications or data that is not backed up. There is no method to revert to the previous version of Windows you had installed (probably Windows Home edition) apart from formatting the drive and rebuilding the computer. You will need to ensure that you have the original Windows media to do this. 

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