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Halls WiFI connection problems

If you are having trouble with the WiFI connection in your halls room, we are here to help but there are a number of tests we'll usually ask you to do to help us isolate the problem.

You may find that you are unable to connect to Eduroam WiFi at all in your room, the connection may keep dropping out, or you may find it only connects in certain parts of your flat. 

In all cases, if you run through these tests in advance we will be able to resolve your problem more quickly.

Your devices

If you have more than one device (e.g. laptop and phone) and the problem is only affecting one of them then the problem is likely to be with the device itself, try forgetting the Eduroam connection and then reconnecting.

Forget connection

If you still have problems after this, the helpdesk in the Hartley library will be able to check the configuration of your device.

Your room

If you can't connect with any of your devices in you room, try in the shared areas or corridors. If you still have trouble take the devices to campus and see if you can connect to Eduroam there. If you can't connect on campus then take your devices to the library helpdesk to check the configuration.

If you can connect in the shared areas or on campus but still can't connect in your room then it is likely that you have a coverage problem in the room itself. In this case please log the problem with us any of the following methods:

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • The name of your hall of residence and your block/flat/room number
  • The results of the testing you have done described above
  • Whether you are happy for an engineer to visit your room to fix the problem when you are not present

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