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Secure Connection Failed - Disco Reporting Error Message

What is the issue?
We are beginning to receive a number of tickets that indicate people are unable to access Discoverer across all browsers. A 'Secure Connection Failed' error message is appearing when they do.
Who does it affect?
It affects staff using new laptops but it can potentially affect all users who do not have, or do not use the Discoverer desktop icon on their PC or laptop.
Why is this happening?
This issue has been raised with the Software and Desktops team and appears to be due to how the TLS settings are configured. New laptops have a much more stringent setting which is restricting any access to sites that do not have the relevant certificate.
What’s the solution?
iSolutions are working on how to resolve this issue, however, the workaround for this is to access Discoverer using the Discoverer desktop icon or SVE (Southampton Virtual Environment). Many of you will be using SVE on the new laptops to access Banner 8. If you haven’t used it before here are the instructions on how to access it.
On Desktop
If possible we advise going through the Discoverer desktop icon. If you haven’t got this it can be downloaded from the ‘Additional Software’ area, unless you have a very new laptop which doesn’t allow access via the desktop and you will have to use the SVE.
On SVE, click on the Start menu (window icon on the bottom left of the screen), scroll down to Discoverer and launch Discoverer. You will need to Create a new connection and enter your User Name, Password and Database Name (banner-live).

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