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PGR Tracker - How are tasks allocated to supervisors?

Where / When is the supervisor team set up for a particular student ?

  • When : as part of the Assessment Workflow / Academic Needs Analysis / supervisory team form
  • Where: the supervisory team is set up in Banner and fed from Banner into PGR Tracker (via the Interface)

Some faculties use the PGR Tracker supervisory team form in PGR Tracker for supervisors to inform the Graduate school office how to set up the supervisory Team form in Banner.

How tasks gets allocated to who?

PGR Tracker is using two parameters from Banner to allocate tasks to supervisors:

  • 1- the Primary supervisor indicator (in Banner: SZVPGRA_ADVISOR_PRIM_IND) : if "Y", the person will receive the task.


  • 2- the Advisory code (in Banner: SZVPGRA_ADVISOR_CODE) : anyone with an advisory code starting with "MS" or "CS" or "SS" will receive the task too.

Conclusion : Everyone will receive tasks EXCEPT: anyone set up as advisor ("ADV") AND who does NOT have "Y" in the Adviser primary indicator field.

Note the interface filters 4 types of advisory codes (% wildcard ensures all supervisors are returned irrespective of the amount of supervision provided):

    • Supervisor ('SU')
    • PG Research Advisor ('ADV')
    • Coordinating Supervisor ('CS')
    • Main Supervisor ('MS')

What happens when a task is completed?

If two supervisors for the same student are set up to both receive tasks for the same student, they will both receive the same task. As soon as one supervisor completes the task (whether set as primary supervisor or not), the task is marked as completed and the workflow progresses to the next stage

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