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Admin Rights And What They Mean

Should you have been directed to this article by iSolutions, then you have requested admin rights to your University PC or laptop, and the scope of how you can work with your computer will be greater. If you have not already requested admin rights from iSolutions but require them, you will need to provide a business justification agreed with your line manager as to why admin rights are required for you to be able to carry out your work.

You will be responsible for some aspects of administration that involve University policy where failure to comply could result in disciplinary action or prosecution. Your attention is brought to the guidelines in this document - this list is by no means exhaustive, and we ask you to abide by these points, and others that may be pointed out to you.

  • Please do not install software where the licensing cannot be reconciled. It is illegal for unlicensed software to be installed on University computers, with possible prosecution and a fine or sentence as the end result. FAST/IIS have lots of information about software compliance at Have a look in the Additional Software icon on your desktop – we may already have it in our Software portfolio. If you need to purchase a licence for software please contact ServiceLine, and our software team will sort this out on your behalf.  If you are in any doubt, please contact ServiceLine.

  • If you decide to install freeware or other software that does not require a licence, please make sure that you understand the licensing and that it is actually free. Installing illegal software in error is still an offence. Also, software of this type may be poorly written or contain malicious (virus etc) code which may affect your PC, and you undertake the responsibility for this if you proceed to install. iSolutions reserves the right to remove software if it is found to be interfering with the running of the computer.

  • If you do add software that is not found in the Additional Software portfolio, you must take responsibility for keeping it up-to-date and security-patched. If the security of your PC or the University is compromised as a result of personally-added software, iSolutions will take action to remove the risk.

  • Please do not install bit-torrent file or other peer-to-peer sharing software. While in principle P2P may contain legitimate files, in practice nearly all files are copyright-breaching and the University is not allowed to store illegal content on its system or to share it. If you are in any doubt, please contact Serviceline.

  • Please do not attempt to remove the University anti-virus software.

  • Please do not install other anti-virus or anti-malware products. These are not necessary to protect your PC and may breach their licensing.

  • Please do not create local user accounts. These are not necessary and may put your PC at risk.

  • Please do not create file shares on your PC – use your mapped drives instead to share content with others. If you have requirements that are not met by this, please contact ServiceLine.

  • Under no circumstances should you take your University computer off the soton domain. Software will uninstall and your PC will effectively be rendered useless.

  • Under no circumstances should you try to rename your computer.

  • Please do not turn off the Windows firewall, or make adjustments to it that may compromise its effectiveness. If you require changes to the firewall, please contact ServiceLine first.

  • If the University computer is compromised as a result of administrative effort on your part, iSolutions will wipe it clean and rebuild. Any data that is not part of the computer build or in University-supported folders will be lost.

    We appreciate your co-operation in complying with University policy and legal requirements, and in helping to keep your computer safe and secure.


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