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How to set up a delegate in ServiceNow

If you are going to be absent from work, you can set up a Delegate to manage your approvals, tickets and other items within ServiceNow on your behalf. 

If you are unsure who to set up as your Delegate, contact your Line Manager.

Set up a new delegate

1. Log in to the ServiceNow portal

2. Select your name in the top right of the screen

3. Select Delegates

Option menu linked to your staff account


4. Select New

"New" button that allows you to add a delegate

5. In the Delegate field, enter the first name and surname of the delegate.

After a few moments, further details will appear below the search field (including username and department)

Window showing a list of delegates

6. Select the required person

7. Starts: Use the calendar button to select the start date and time for the delegation (the default is today's date)

8. Select OK

9. Ends: Use the calendar button to select the end date and time for the delegation (the default is two week's time)

10. Select OK

11. Approvals: Select this check box to delegate your approvals (for example change request approvals)

If required, use the Catalog and Categories fields to delegate approvals for certain approvals only. If these fields are left blank, all approvals will be delegated.

12. All notifications: Select this check box for all notifications to be received by your delegate

By selecting this option, your delegate will receive email notifications for all tickets owned by you (or that you are on the watch list for), including notifications relating to HR requests.

13. Select Save


Amend a delegate

1. Follow steps 1 to 3 as above

Your delegate(s) will be listed.

2. Select the start date and time link

Window showing information about the start date and the time link

3. Update the delegation rule as required

If you want to end the delegation (for example if you have returned to work earlier than the delegation is scheduled to expire) you can amend the end date and time to reflect this.

4. Select Save


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