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Room Service: Granting access for a new staff member

Residence Administrator Add Account

This can only be done by a user admin, which only a small number of staff have.

For a new staff member to be granted access to the Room Service application, the following steps need to be taken.

A Room Service administrator, usually a team leader open the Room Service Desktop application

In the application, go to File > Configuration > Security >Users

Press the + New button in the top-left

Add the new account:

User Name = soton\zzz2n12 (where zzz2n12 is the new staff member's username)

Logon Type = Domain Authentication

Area Access: at least one checkbox needs to be checked

Permissions: at least one checkbox needs to be checked for the user to be able to login

Press the OK button when finished

Ask the staff member to log into Room Service to confirm if they can log in or not.  If not, create a ticket with

Room Service Application Installation

Follow these steps if using a University computer or laptop that does not have the Room Service desktop application already installed.

First ensure the staff member has an account in the Desktop application.  See previous section Residence Administrator Add Account

Ask the staff member to:

  1. Click on the Additional Software icon on the Desktop
  2. Search for Room Service
  3. Select Room Client Service 21.1 (where 21.1 is the present version)
  4. Press the Install button
  5. After the installation completes, press the Windows Start button, then enter Room Service 21.1
  6. Room Service 21.1 should appear, click on it to run the application

If the staff member sees no results when they search for Room Service, they need to create a ticket with

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