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Room Service: granting access for a staff member

This article gives guidance to Residence Administrators and staff about granting access to the Room Service Application:

  • Residence Administrators will find guidance on adding new staff members.
  • Staff (and new staff) will find information on installing Room Service Application on their computers.

Residence Administrator - how to add a new account

Only Room Service administrators within the Residence team can add new accounts. 

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open the Room Service Desktop application

  2.  Go to:
    1. File
    2. Configuration
    3. Security
    4. Users

  3. Press the +New button in the top-left

  4. When adding the new account:
    1. User Name = soton\zzz2n12 (where zzz2n12 is the new staff member's username)
    2. Logon Type = Domain Authentication
    3. Area Access: at least one checkbox needs to be checked
    4. Permissions: at least one checkbox needs to be checked for the user to be able to login

  5. Press the OK button when finished

New staff member should appear in the Active Directory group, jfSW_RoomServiceClient_Prod_SCCM. Ask the staff member to log into Room Service to confirm if they can log in or not. 

If not, create a ticket writing at

Installing Room Service Application 

Having the right to install the application does not automatically allow a staff member to use the application. Installing and using the application are separate rights.

Rights to use the application are granted by a Residences team leader.

If you install Room Service without rights being granted, the application will close by itself immediately after it is started

Step-by-step instructions

If you using a University computer or laptop that does not have the Room Service desktop application already installed, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the "Additional Software" icon on the desktop or on the "Software Center" icon available in the start menu:
    Additional software icon Group of application from Windows start menu. Additional software is in the middle

  2. Search for Room Service

  3. Select Room Client Service 22.4 (22.4 is the latest version in this example)

  4. Press the Install button

  5. After the installation completes:
    1. Go to the Search bar near the Windows Start button

    2. Enter Room Service 22.4 (22.4 is the latest version in this example)

  6. The latest version of Room Service should appear. Select it to run the application.

If you sees no results when you search for Room Service, they need to create a ticket please contact ServiceLine.


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