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How to make changes to the membership of a ServiceNow group

Members of a team within ServiceNow are set up as a group. Groups members can resolve incidents and requests, approve change requests, and receive email notifications.


Changes to the membership of a group can only be made by the group manager


If you need to check who the manager is for a group, please read the article 'Find out who the manager is for a group in ServiceNow'.



Add a member to a group


1. Log in to ServiceNow 

2. In the Filter navigator enter Service Desk

3. Within Users & Groups, select Manage My Groups

A list of the groups you manage will display.

list of servicenow groups

4. Select a group name (from here you can also view further information about the group including a list of the existing group members)  

5. Select the Group Members tab

6. Select Edit

select edit within group members section

7. Enter the name of the person in the Collection field

8. Select the required person from the list

9. Select the add chevron

If multiple people are listed for the name you have entered, you can view their details below the search field to locate the correct person.

group members list

10. Select Save


Remove a member from a group

1. Follow steps 1 to 6 in 'Add a member to a group'

2. Select the person from the Group Members List (on the right)

3. Select the remove chevron

4. Select Save


Add multiple members to a group

To add multiple members to a group at the same time you will need a list of the people's usernames.

1. Follow steps 1 to 6 in 'Add a member to a group' 

2. Select Add Filter

3. Select the drop down menu alongside choose field

4. Enter user ID in the search field and select this from the search results

5. Select the drop down menu alongside the starts with field

6. Select is one of 

7. In the input value field (to the right of is one of field), enter the user IDs of the people to add

Enter each ID on a separate line. You can either use copy and paste (paste as plain text) or type the IDs directly into the field.

8. Select Run Filter

run filter button

The members will be listed below the Collection search field.

list of new members

9. Select the members to be added (use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple members)

10. Select the Add chevron

11. Select Save

add new members


Useful links

Find out who the manager is for a group in ServiceNow

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