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How do I connect my smart device to the University wireless network whilst in Halls?

If you own a device such as an Alexa speaker, Amazon Echo, Google Home, gaming device or a smart television, you can connect it to the University's wireless network, SOTON-IoT, whilst in Halls by following these instructions.   This is an alternative wireless network which is available for devices which are not compatible with eduroam wireless. 

NOTE: We are aware of current limitations with certain speaker products, such as Sonos and Google Home Mini, when connected to enterprise networks. The issue affects device discovery and ultimately impairs the ability to be managed by computers/mobiles. It is anticipated that a future project to refresh WiFi infrastructure across the Halls sites will seek to address this issue.

You can register your device on the University network and be issued with a password, which is different to your Universty password, to connect to SOTON-IoT.  

There are 3 steps to connecting your device:

1) Locate the MAC address of your device   The MAC address is a unique identification number for your device and will look something similar to 00:3e:e1:c4:5d:df   Instructions on locating your device MAC address are available. You will use the MAC address to register your device on the network.

2) Register your device for use on the wireless network by visiting the network registration portal, then select 'I want to connect to SOTON-IoT' and enter the MAC address to obtain a password which you can use to connect your device to the wireless.

3) Connect your device to the wireless network, SOTON-IoT, using the password you created in step 2.  Please refer to your device instruction manual on how to connect to wifi.



Full instructions are available from the Soton IoT wireless connection guide.

If you have a phone, tablet or laptop, please connect these to the eduroam wireless service by following these instructions.

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