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Why do I see "You do not have access to this record" when trying to view some tickets in ServiceNow?

When you attempt to view a record (for example, an Incident or Request) in ServiceNow that you do not have permission to view, you will see the following:

This does not mean that the record does not exist, but rather that you do not have the right to view it.

This can happen if, for example, you have been asked to approve an item that is not currently logged within your business area (Finance, HR, IT, Student Services or Wessex). It can also occur if you have been sent a link to a ticket that is in another business area.

You can see tickets in ServiceNow when any of the below apply:

  • You are the caller
  • The ticket has been assigned to you
  • You appear on the Watch List
  • You are in the same business area for which the ticket is logged (eg. Finance, HR, IT)

If you need to see the ticket, for example in order to see the detail behind a request for which approval is being sought, please get in contact, in the first instance, with the person that has asked you to view the ticket – they can add you to the Watch List, which will give you the permission that you require for the record to be viewable.

Alternatively, if you are not able to view the record and have been asked to do so via email, reply to that email message, asking to be added to the ticket's Watch List so that you get the necessary rights to view it.


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