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How do I find out about other storage locations?

Below you find information regarding other University sotorage locations:

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Review and Action Plan (LTERAP)

The aim of the LTERAP is to encourage Faculties to reflect on their current achievements in educational enhancement based on a critical evaluation of the last year's activity. This reflection on the evidence available to the School will reveal areas of good practice that will be worthy of reporting and areas of change that will enable the Faculties to improve the educational experience of their students.


Mediabin is a digital asset management (DAM) application provided as an enterprise-level solution to the storage, cataloguing and retrieval of digital assets such as digital photographs, logos, movie files, and CAD drawings.

Drop off service

Email messages with large attachments can quickly fill your mailbox and block your mail account. To share files larger than 1MB, use the Dropoff service ( to temporarily make a file (or files) available to another user across the Internet in a secure and efficient manner.

This is particularly useful if sharing documents with people outside the University and should be used rather than commercial cloud based services

Non-University data

Non-University data should not be held on University machines. There are a number of online, cloud-based, storage solutions available on the internet that can be used to store non-University documents. Alternatively, encrypted USB memory sticks such as the Integra Crypto drive are suitable for safely storing copies of personal data and documents.
The University can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to non-University documents.

If you have questions about other file or data storage locations, contact ServiceLine or your Business Relationship Manager.


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