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How do I find out about Public Workstations?

You have access to approximately 1,700 public workstations within rooms on all campuses and in most halls of residence.

You may log in and use these machines, using your University username and password.

These PCs have an extensive software portfolio and a selection of printers, scanners, CD and DVD writers.

Some of the rooms are designated Common Learning Spaces and are primarily for group teaching. When no classes are scheduled they are open for public use.

Public workstations are equipped with a large portfolio of teaching software. A core software portfolio is installed on all workstations, including Microsoft Office and some statistics and graphics applications.

A range of specialist software is installed to support the Assistive Technology Service (ATS).

Dos and Don'ts - quick guidance

Do: Be considerate of your neighbours – they’ll be trying to work
Do: Report faults – it’s really easy!

Don’t: Log on and then leave the computer alone.  It’s not fair on those who also need access to computers, but it is also insecure and leaves your account open to missue

If you just want to print something, or do non-University stuff (such as Facebook) you can use one of our Express Workstations instead? 

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