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How do I archive my emails?

Members of staff are given 2GB of space by default and this can be increased in increments to a maximum of 5GB on request to ServiceLine. In addition, you have an easily accessible, but separate, Online Archive space.

All staff are provided with 10GB of Online Archive storage space (accessible in Outlook and Outlook Web App) for archiving their email.

Guidance on how to archive and search your emails is below.

There is an Online Archive mailbox available to everyone using Outlook and Outlook Web App. This mailbox has a capacity of 10 gigabytes and is therefore useful to those users who find it difficult to keep their Exchange account within quota e.g. because they need to retain emails going back several years.

We detail below how best to make use of this facility.

Please note: Archiving can take some time, so if you wish to Archive a lot of data it would be advisable to access Outlook via a Remote Desktop Connection to as this won’t tie up Outlook on your desktop.

In MS Outlook, choose either Mail or Folder List (with ‘Home’ tab selected) and you will see an Archive folder/mailbox at the bottom of your folder list:

In the Outlook Web App at it will appear as:


To check the size of your email folders in MS Outlook:

  1. Right click on at the top of your folder list
  2. Click on ‘Data File Properties’
  3. Choose ‘Folder Size

A ‘Folder Size’ dialogue box will appear and will display the size of your mailbox: ‘Total Size (including subfolders)’ and also the subfolders names and sizes.

 To Archive an entire folder:

  1. Identify a folder you would like to archive
  2. Right click on this folder and choose ‘Move Folder
  3. In the ‘Move Folder’ dialogue box, select your Archive mailbox and click OK. You can also create or specifiy a folder name within the archive if you want to organise this in a particular way

Please note that archiving can take a while if the folder is large.

The ‘Inbox’ and ‘Sent Items’ folders are known as default folders and as such cannot be moved to your Archive folder.

If you would like to archive items from your inbox or sent items, you will need to archive the items/messages rather than the entire folder.

To Archive a series of emails from a folder:

For example, to archive all emails in your Inbox received before 1st March 2016 you will first need to set up a corresponding folder in your ‘Archive’:

  1. Right click your ‘Archive’ folder
  2. Select ‘New Folder…’
  3. A ‘Create New Folder’ dialogue box appears. Name this folder Inbox, Old Inbox, or something appropriate

Then to archive these emails:

  1. Select the email you wish to archive from. (N.B if you select an email dates 01/03/2016, everything received before that email will be included in this selection)
  2. Press the ‘Shift’ and ‘End’ keys simultaneously to highlight all emails from the selected item, to the earliest email within that folder
  3. Right click on the selected block of emails and choose ‘Move’ and then select the folder you created above in your Archive

If you have any further queries surrounding the above instructions, please contact ServiceLine

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