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What software is available on iSolutions HPC systems?

List of all available software modules can be viewed using module command on Iridis or Lyceum login node:

module av

A few software packages are not compatible with module system and require custom scripts.

Please check corresponding wiki pages for the most up-to-date list of software packages and version numbers. The list below includes only a fraction of all modules.

Major software packages  installed on Iridis4/Lyceum2:

Software Versions Installed on
Abaqus 6.12 Iridis, Lyceum
Ansys 15.0 Iridis, Lyceum
CFX 14.5, 15.0 Iridis, Lyceum
Fluent 15.0 Iridis, Lyceum
Gaussian G09 Iridis, Lyceum
Gromacs 4.5.5 Iridis, Lyceum
Harpoon 5.0a Iridis  Lyceum
ICEMCFD 15.0 Iridis, Lyceum
MatLab 2012b,2014b Iridis, Lyceum
R 3 Iridis, Lyceum
StarCCM 10 Iridis, Lyceum



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