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How do I book a video conferencing room?

Video conferencing rooms are booked through Web Room Booking, which is available via SUSSED on the Quick Links (Services) channel.

If you request a room booking, you can select (in the right scroll box) video conferencing facilities as a resource you would like in your room. You can then select one of the bookable rooms with video conferencing facilities in it.

You can request any technical assistance or advice you might need by contacting ServiceLine.

What rooms are available?

The following rooms may be available to book:

Small Meeting Room System: maximum 8 attendees

Building: 27 
Room Number: 1139

Larger Lecture Theatres Systems:  maximum 50+ attendees

Building: 32 
Room Number: 1015

Building: 67
Room Number: 1001

Campus: WSA
Room: LTA (2095)

Campus: NOC
Room: LT (104/20)

Campus: SGH
Room: LT1 (AB249)

Departmental Controlled

Small Meeting Room Systems

Building: 37
Room Number: 4031

Building: 37
Room Number: 2005

Building: 85
Room Number: 2003

SOHS Study Centres: Mobile Units

Site: Basingstoke, Ark Centre

Site: IOW

Site: RHCH Winchester Hospital

Site: Portsmouth


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