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I've upgraded to Windows 10 and now Word, Excel or Powerpoint isn't very stable.

If you are having stability issues with any Microsoft Office product, these may be being caused by pending Microsoft Office Updates. To check to see if you have any of these:

  • Close all open Microsoft Office applications you may have running (Outlook, Word, Excel etc)
  • Click the Start menu
  • Type Software Center

  • item from the list of matching search resultsSoftware Center Desktop AppClick on the
  • tab:Installation StatusClick on the

Pending Updates

  • If any Office 2016 updates are showing as "Available" or "Pending", highlight them in turn and click the "Install" button on the bottom right of the window (you may have to scroll down and across to see it).
  • Log off and log back into the PC to allow these updates to be applied. Very occasionally you may need to reboot.
  • Microsoft Office should now be more stable and behave as expected. If you are still having problems, please contact ServiceLine for advice

until you are able to try the resolution listed above.Southampton Virtual EnvironmentIf you urgently need to use you an Office Product, please use the

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