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How do I archive my Office 365 emails?

 Your online archive has a extra 100 GB of space for you to use on top of your 100 GB in your Primary Mailbox.

Where can I find my archived emails?

Your Archive folder is in the folder list. To display the folder list, select View > Folder Pane and choose Normal.


When should I use the archive feature compared to online archive feature?

The Archive feature is for your primary mailbox and can be used to keep your Inbox clear of messages you’ve already answered or acted on. Think of the Archive like a file folder. You can store items in the Archive folder and still access them easily. You can also delete messages or move them to specific folders if that’s more your style.

The Online Archive is a feature for Office 365 staff users who have uncommonly large mailboxes. These users can use an Online Archive to avoid deleting old mail. A user’s Online Archive acts somewhat like a second account in Outlook with its own folder structure. As a result, it isn’t included in searches performed from the Inbox.

More information can be found on the Microsoft Support site.

Additional resources to help you make the most of office 365

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