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What is my secondary contact email?

Your secondary contact email is an optional non-University personal email address that you can register using Subscribe (  Once set and verified, it can be used to reset your University computing password should you ever forget that.  It may also be used to verify other security-related actions in Subscribe, and we may send security related notifications (such as a notification that your password has been reset).
Secondary contact email addresses are optional (passwords can still be reset using security questions if one is not set), but in the future there may be some security-related actions that will require one.
To add a secondary contact email
Because the email can be used to reset your password, we require some additional one-off security checks to add and verify the address.  The process is as follows:
  • Log into
  • Follow the link 'Manage your secondary contacts' 
  • Enter your current password and the email address.
    • The password is to secure against the case where somebody has left a browser logged into Subscribe
    • Note that the email should not be another University of Southampton address.
  • On the next page, enter your University ID number and birthday.
    • This secondary check is to secure against the case where a password is compromised, so that the unauthorised user cannot add an email that will allow further password resets in the future.
  • An email will be sent to that address, to confirm you have access to it.  At this point the address is listed as a secondary contact, but as unverified.  Until it is verified, it cannot be used for security purposes.  If you do not receive the email within 10 minutes, you can click the Resend button to send a new verification email.
  • Once you have received the verification email, follow the verification link within it.
    • If your Subscribe session is still active, the address is now verified
    • If your session is not still active, you will have to re-enter your username and password 
To delete a secondary contact email
  • Log into
  • Follow the link 'Manage your secondary contacts'
  • Against the entry, select 'delete', and confirm the action. 
Removing a secondary contact email does not require additional security checks.
To change a secondary contact email
  • Delete it, and then add the new one (see above for details of these steps).

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