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Show request form questions on a task list in ServiceNow

Requested items (tasks with number RITM*) have questions that are set per form. On a task list you can't personalise a list to show them, so to find out what was on the form you'd need to go into each task.

To work around this you can create a Report for specific forms that you want to review.

Note: There are two user interfaces to creating reports, classic and new. For this example we'll use the New UI.

Navigate to Reports > Create New. Start by naming and picking the Requested Item table and clicking Next.

Leave the type as List and click Next

Click Choose Columns.

At the bottom of the list select Variables.

Click the icon.

Find and click the form you want to access.

This will expand the available columns to list all of the questions on the form.

Select the questions you want to appear and transfer in the slushbucket and click Ok.

Add a filter to show only the form(s) you're interested in.

Click Run and your data will show.

Handy hint - you can Right-click a column heading to get an Excel export.

Click to Save your report.

You can favourite the report by navigating to Reports > View/Run.

Then left-click drag the report title onto the left navigator.

Alternatively you can create a dashboard and embed the report, which will hide all the report editing functions.

Navigate to Self Service > Dashboards.

Click to create a new Dashboard.

Give it a name and Submit.

Go back to your report and click to open the Sharing toolbox.

Click Add to Dashboard.


Select your new Dashboard and click Add.

The new Dashboard will open.

To add the Dashboard to your favourites left-click the hamburger menu and Create Favorite.

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