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All.soton - I sent a message to a mailing list but it has not been received. Why not?

There are several rules that decide whether an individual may send to a particular mailing list. These include the following: 

  1. Many mailing lists on all.soton are moderated – when a message is sent to a moderated list it will first be sent to the moderator(s) who confirm the contents is appropriate. Only once this process has been completed is the message sent on to the members of the mailing list. If you think your message should have been received, please first check with the list moderators – see How do I view/contact the moderators of a mailing list?  
  2. Members of staff are permitted to send to most mailing lists except those beginning with “UOS.” To send to a university wide UOS list you will need to contact the university’s internal communications team. 
  3. Taught students are only permitted to send to mailing lists that apply to their own degree programme which they are a member of. Students may not send calendar invites to mailing lists. To send to other lists please speak to a member of staff or your student office. 
  4. Check the address you are sending from - If your message is still not being sent, then make sure you are sending the email from one of your valid university email accounts. To see a list of valid university accounts visit your dashboard page and your valid accounts are listed in the right-hand column.  



If you are still unable to send emails after making these checks then please raise a ticket with ServiceLine. 

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