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All.soton - How do I get myself removed from a mailing list that is not relevant?

Membership of all.soton mailing lists is built from a variety of data sources. If you are receiving email for a mailing list to which you think you should not belong: 

  1. Check the roles that are listed on your all.soton dashboard page. This indicates what all.soton understands about your position in the university. If this information looks incorrect then please contact your school office (for students) or contact Human Resources (for staff) and ask them to update your records. 
  2. Check you user profile record on your dashboard. This shows which building you are associated with in all.soton - if this is wrong then click the ‘Edit this info on Subscribe’ button and update your contact details in Subscribe. 




Please note, these changes in these systems may take up to 48 hours to filter through to all.soton.

If your Roles and User Profiles details look correct but you are receiving emails that are not of interest then setup an Outlook rule to filter out these messages. 

If none of these suggestions are helpful then please raise a ticket with ServiceLine. 


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