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How to create reports in ServiceNow (video tutorial)

ServiceNow includes a range of predefined reports. You can also create your own simple reports. 

Reports can be added to homepages and dashboards and shared with colleagues.

For example, if you wanted to view currently unassigned tickets within your team, a report can be created for this and added to the team's dashboard. Or if a team needed a daily report of all incidents raised, a report can be created and automatically circulated each morning as a spreadsheet.

Essentially a report can be created for any type of data that exists within ServiceNow. Other examples include tickets assigned for each team member, tickets that have not been updated within a certain time frame, number of tickets assigned and resolved per week/month.


A video tutorial for creating reports is available on the ServiceNow help pages: 'Getting started with reports'.


Once you have started playing the video, options will appear at the bottom right allowing you to turn on closed captions, change the playback speed and view the video full screen if you wish.

video playback options


If you have any queries about reporting in ServiceNow please contact


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