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How to change accessibility settings are in ServiceNow

You can change the settings of ServiceNow by clicking on the settings icon () on the top-right corner of the window.

servicenow screenshot showing arrow pointing to cog icon in top right

System settings are:

  • General
  • Theme
  • Accessibility
  • List
  • Forms
  • Notifications



Open the General section to change:

  • Compact the user interface
  • Compact list date/time
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled
  • Home
  • Date/Time
  • Time zone
  • Printer-friendly version

ServiceNow screenshot showing all the general settings



ServiceNow has a number of out of the box themes, including higher contrast options. 

Clicking on 'Theme" section you can change colour and contrast options.

servicenow screenshot showing theme menu in personal settings dialog

Once you pick a theme, ServiceNow will remember this until you change it.



In the 'Accessibility' section click the slider next to 'Accessibility'.

Enabling accessibility will switch on a number of features to allow keyboard navigation and showing of hidden elements like help text.

servicenow screenshot showing accessibility settings



Enable the function "Wrap longer text in list columns" to break texts 



Use the Forms section to organise tabs from the section and related lists. You can:

  • Enable the function 'Tabbed forms'
  • Choose one of the 3 'Related list loading'



Disabling Audible Alerts

If you are a chat agent you will be familiar with the audible alert when you are messaged. You can also mute pages or sites using browser settings.

Once you started a chat, you can disable this audible alert within ServiceNow follow these steps:

A. Click the conversation icon top right.

servicenow screenshot showing conversation icon top right

B. Pop out the conversation widget by clicking the icon bottom left of the conversation sidebar.

servicenow screenshot showing pop-out icon for conversation side-bar

C. Click the bell icon top right and scroll down to the Play an audio notification section. Change this to 'Never'.

servicenow screenshot showing how to disable audible alerts


Font or Text Size

Font: you can control font and text size in the Web browser you use from the settings menu.

Zoom: in most browsers, you can hold down the CTRL (control) key and then use either keyboard plus/minus keys or the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the page.


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