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Adding video to a Word document eAssignments submission

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Before starting please note:

You MUST tell your tutor and faculty office to make them aware there is a video embedded and it will cause your final document to be a very large file size. eAssigngments should cope fine with this submissions, but this may cause later complications if your faculty wishes to have this document checked for plagiarism using Turnitin service.

You can embed the video into your Word document. This is done with the following steps:

Click in the document the area in which you wish your video to be embedded. On the top document toolbar go > Insert > Object (this is to the far right of the toolbar) then click on the icon and a menu window will open.

It will open up with the "Create New" tab (you don't want this tab) Select next to it the tab "Create from File". You will see an area with "File name:" next to that is a "Browse..." button, click on that.

This will open the file explorer, here find the video file you are after and select it and click "Insert". It will then take you back to the object menu box and here you need to click "OK". Please note at this point it might take some time processing this task.

You will now see that there is a icon in your document with the file name. At this point make sure you SAVE the document. If you wish to change the name of the file then you can right click on it > Packager Shell Object Object > Rename Package > from here make any changes and click "Save".

Then SAVE the document again if any changes are made.

You should make whoever marking this document aware that in order to playback the video they must make sure the document is in "Edit" mode. Then double click on the file icon to bring up a playback menu box where they must then click "Open". If you need anything else please contact us again. Kind Regards Louis Pliskin

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