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How do I reset my University computing account password?


Your University password (in combination with your username) allows you to use University computing facilities.  You can always change your password by logging into, and following the 'Change your password' link.
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself using either a secondary contact email (see the Knowledge Base article 'What is my secondary contact email?') or, if you do not have one set up, using the security questions that you provided when creating your account.
In both cases:
  • Go to
  • Follow the link 'Reset a forgotten or expired password', then 'Reset your Password'
  • To confirm your identity, enter your University ID number, last name, and birthday.
  • Re-confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for using a University computing account.
Then follow one of the following two sets of instructions:
To reset via secondary contact email:
  • Press 'Send email'.  This will send a reset link to your registered secondary contact email. 
  • Open the email, and follow the embedded link.  You have 60 minutes to do this. 
  • Press 'Reset Password'
  • This will give you a new random password.  Use this to sign in, and change your password to one of your own choice.
To reset via security questions:
  • Select the option to 'Use security questions' (this will be automatic if you have no secondary contact email recorded). 
  • You will be shown one of your securiry questions.  Enter the answer, and press 'Next'. 
  • This will give you a new random password.  Use this to sign in, and change your password to one of your own choice.
Do not ever share your security questions and answers with another person.
In the event that you cannot reset your password through either of these routes, please ring Serviceline on 25656 (internal) or +44 (0)23 8059 5656 (external).


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