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Is there an email usage policy at the University?

There is an email usage policy at the University. Please see the policy below:

Why do we provide access to e-mail facilities?

The reason we provide access to e-mail is to help your work, research or study at the University. The e-mail facilities allow you to communicate with others for this purpose, while you are a member of the University.

Unacceptable use of e-mail (advice on specific issues only)
Users should refer to the Regulations and Policies in the first instance

Sending multiple or bulk e-mails

If you are going to send e-mails to a large group of people you have to consider the following points:

Is there a better way to make this information available?

  • Could it be put on web page where people who are interested can find it? Examples are the Sussed Classifieds, a relevant sussed group announcement, forums such as provided by SUSU, University online news (Bulletin)?

Is the e-mail relevant to the purpose of the group or list through which it is being sent?

  • Mailing lists, groups, and courses are set up for particular purposes, and any e-mails should be related to the purpose of the group.

Is the content of the e-mail relevant to the people who will receive it?

  • People expect to receive e-mails relevant to their role at the university, but may object to ones that are not related in any way to it, as this wastes their time and adds an extra load on the mail service.

Have the people being sent the e-mail agreed to receive them?

  • On joining the University, people agree to receive relevant communications from and about the University and its activities.

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