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How do I access iSolutions HPC systems?

Before you can gain access to our High Performance Computing systems you will need to be authorised to use the system. More information on requesting access is available in the Iridis and Lyceum pages.

Connecting to our services

All HPC services are located in our machine-rooms and so it is not possible to login directly. Instead you will need to connect from another computer, either your own, or perhaps an iSolutions workstation. The recommended connection method is via Secure Shell (SSH). You should connect using your iSolutions username and password. See our Using SSH page for more details of how to access the ssh package, use it to connect to a remote server and transfer files.

Connecting from off-Campus

Our HPC services cannot be contacted directly from off-campus locations. However, if you make a VPN connection to the Southampton network you should then be able to access HPC services.

An alternative is to login to the gateway service ( and then use the ssh command on this machine to login to the required HPC service. However, this relay method will not work with application GUIs.

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