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Will I have a phone, internet and television in halls?

Student Halls Rooms now have both Wired Network Points and Eduroam Wifi coverage. There will be at least one network point on the wall in your room.

Please let ServiceLine know if you cannot see the wifi signal at all in your room and we will investigate whether there is any interference or more coverage required.

Are there any policies relating to using the network in Halls?

Yes. The Halls of Residence Network Connections Conditions of Use, will give you all of the information that you may need.

If I download something illegal can it be traced back to me?

Yes. All computers have an internet address. This can be recorded when they make connections to other computers.

Copyright owners can make use of this information to contact the organisation which connects the computer to the network/internet (the service provider).

The University receives notifications of any illegal downloading that has been identified as coming from the University network


How do I access the StudentCom TV service?

The TV service will only be accessible over the wired network points because it requires Multicast which is only possible on the wired network points currently.

You need to download the free application and install it on your computer, then it should allow you to view Freeview channels live from your laptop from the network, without the need for a TV in your room.

Be aware that you may still require a TV licence even with this software.


iSolutions support the network connection and Multicast functionality only, the application is supported by StudentCom and the Freeview streaming is from them too.



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