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Can I connect my games console (e.g. XBox/Playstation) to the network in halls?

Most Games Consoles are not yet capable of doing "802.1x WPA2 Enterprise" that is required by Eduroam to connect, you can attempt the Eduroam setup guides in case this changes, but otherwise you will need to plug your games console into the Wired Network point in your room, or on the back of the IP phone if one is already plugged into that.

Then plug your laptop or other devices to Eduroam if you want multiple devices connected at the same time.

Be aware though that there is a single static IP address for each room that has a 15 minute lease time on it, so if you decide to switch between more than one device on the wired network point in your room you will need to either wait up to 15 minutes between switching devices, release the IP address to DHCP "ipconfig /release" before unplugging a device, or purchase a mini Router with NAT to plug into the wired point or IP phone first.

iSolutions will not support network issues if you are using your own network router.

Can I set up a router in my Halls room?


We prefer you don't, and wont support you if you do, but it is the only way to connect multiple devices to the network in your halls room, as there is only 1 IP address available for each network point in each halls room.

You will need a network 'Router' that performs NAT (not a switch or hub). Then plug the "Internet/WAN" interface into the network socket on the wall (or the 2nd socket on the back of the IP phone if that is already plugged into the wall socket). You can then connect multiple wired devices like games consoles (not eduroam compatible) to the "LAN" ports on the router.

A router might also transmit a Wi-Fi signal of its own, but you MUST secure it using a WPA2 password, otherwise other people might be able to connect to it and use your network connection instead.

iSolutions prefer however that you turn off any personal routers Wifi capability and use iSolutions provided Eduroam Wifi instead, because your rogue Wifi signals will interfere with the Eduroam signal in you area for you and others. If this becomes a problem iSolutions will tell you to disable or remove your own router in the interest of the Eduroam service quality.



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