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Halls Wi-Fi - connecting Printers and other devices

Our Wi-Fi infrastructure requires 802.1x (RADIUS) authentication, where a username and password is required to connect to eduroam (the University’s Wi-Fi Service).  The following information applies to Games Consoles, Smart TVs and other devices that can connect through Wi-Fi including; Alexa, Google Home, and Amazon Echo 


This differs from a home router setup where a pre-shared key is commonly used. eduroam relies on the RADIUS authentication in order for us to identify users and also for roaming (e.g. Southampton University users connecting to eduroam at another institutions and vice-versa).


If your device does not support this type of Wi-Fi authentication you will not be able to configure it to work through our Wi-Fi service.   It is recommended that if possible you connect your device using a wired cable to the Ethernet (network) point in your room. 


A possible alternative would be to connect your laptop to the network point (using a network cable) in your room, and then share the internet connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot.


Further information on games consoles and their use in halls 


Advice on creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on a Mac device 


Advice on creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on a Windows device 


Unfortunately we cannot assist you in setting up routers or personal Wi-Fi hotspot, but advise you to make sure that the connection is secured with a WAP2 password, to prevent your connection being misused by other.  You are responsible for all network and internet activity in your room, and may he held accountable for any reported incidents of misuse.

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