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Restarting printers after the Covid-19 lockdown

The majority of printers across the university have been dormant since lockdown began in March, and therefore will need switching back on when we return to the office.

Below is a few tips to get our printers back up and running again:

  • Allow the printer time to warm up before printing
  • Remove all old paper from the printer and add new fresh paper
  • Wear gloves when cleaning the printer with disinfectant, and ensure you turn off and unplug the printer before cleaning. Further guidance on cleaning Apogee printers can be found in the attached document.
  • Cleaning solution can be ordered via your usual stationary order.

Please note: we do not recommend you running 1,000 sheets of paper though the printer as suggested in the document.

Before printing, we also recommend that you consider alternative electronic document sharing tools e.g. OneDrive or Teams. Share your documents online and allow colleagues and teams to edit and comment online rather than printing documents.

If you feel that the printer is in the wrong location and should be moved, please complete the following form: Managed printer relocation request

If you need any further advice regarding your printer, please log a ticket with ServiceLine and provide the printer ID number.

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